Home Preview Preview: Cloud Nothings w/ Speedy Ortiz @ Black Cat, 11/11/22

Preview: Cloud Nothings w/ Speedy Ortiz @ Black Cat, 11/11/22

Preview: Cloud Nothings w/ Speedy Ortiz @ Black Cat, 11/11/22

Cloud Nothings (Photo courtesy Carpark Records)

Cleveland rockers Cloud Nothings released a new album, The Shadow I Remember, via Carpark Records last year. The quartet is on tour, and they perform at the Black Cat in DC on Friday, Nov. 11!

Cloud Nothings is currently comprised of Dylan Baldi on guitar, vocals, and songwriting duties; bassist TJ Duke; guitarist Chris Brown; and drummer Jason Gerycz. Each is an accomplished musician with a slew of other musical endeavors to their name. Some of these projects exist in the same guitar-pop realm as their main band, while other projects veer into avant, grotesque, and otherworldly zones fit for only the most fried and open ears.

Through consistent touring and a steadfast dedication to growing as friends and collaborators, the four-piece has perfected a heavy, aural-assault style and merged it with Baldi’s ridiculous pop genius. This amalgamation is beautifully evident on The Shadow I Remember.

Watch the official music video for “Nothing Without You” by Cloud Nothings on YouTube:

For their fifth studio full-length as a band (and ninth album under the project name), they reconvened with legendary producer and engineer Steve Albini, who helmed the sessions for the breakthrough Attack on Memory. (By the way, Cloud Nothings will release a 10th-anniversary edition of Attack on Memory in January!)

“He has a gift,” Dylan said. “He naturally makes it sound right. Albini’s work is a presentation of the band as they are. No affectation.”

On The Shadow I Remember, the producer captures the band at its strongest. Though the lyrics concern the debilitating despair of everyday life, the band can be heard joyously playing unabashed, volume-driven, eardrum-crushers that masterfully highlight Baldi’s astonishing songcraft.

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Cloud Nothings
w/ Speedy Ortiz
Black Cat
Friday, Nov. 11
Doors @ 8pm
All ages


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