Home Around Town Poll: 2022 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Poll: 2022 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Poll: 2022 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Parklife DC today announces the best in DC concerts with our annual awards program, named for our mascot, DC’s own state bird — the Wood Thrush. Our Thrushie Awards salute bands, venues, and music festivals in line with our mission to review live music concerts.

Congratulations to the 2022 Thrushie Awards winners!

Here are the winners of the 2022 Thrushie Awards, along with the percentage of the vote they took and a bit of analysis pertaining to the win:

Who is the best local band in DC?

1. Scythian, 37.9%
2. Broke Royals, 25.4%
3. Oh He Dead, 10.6%

Mighty Scythian have long been DC faves. The band’s Appaloosa Music Festival takes top honors in our awards poll consistently. So, it’s little wonder that the Celtic-Ukrainian heroes demonstrate what they can do with a flex of their social media muscles. We love Scythian! Broke Royals, a recurring No. 1 band on our list, took No. 2 this year, and we expect an amazing run from frontman Philip Basnight and company over the next few years. Rising DC superstars Oh He Dead, renowned for their terrific live show, took third place.

Watch the official music video for “Virginia” by Scythian on YouTube:

What is the best concert venue in DC metro?

1. Pie Shop, 27.8%
2. DC9, 24.4%
3. Union Stage, 9.9%

In our last poll, tiny but strong Pie Shop DC took the No. 1 spot by a wide margin! While they took No. 1 again this year, they faced stiff competition from indie rock/folk/pop breeding ground DC9. Both of these excellent venues have a lot to offer our city, and we love them! We also love Union Stage, our No. 3 reader’s choice and the other indie rock clubs that inspired strong support, particularly Songbyrd Music House and Black Cat.

Watch a one-minute trailer about Pie Shop DC on YouTube:

What is the best music festival in the DC area?

1. Appaloosa Music Festival, 67%
2. National Cannabis Festival, 20.8%
3. Funk Parade, 5.1%

In our very first Thrushie Awards, Appaloosa Music Festival, founded by Scythian, swept the poll as a *write-in* candidate. Appaloosa now takes the top prize every year! Can some other festival rival them? We will perhaps live to see the day.

Watch a mini-program about the Appaloosa Music Festival by The John-Henry Westen Channel on YouTube:


Congrats again to our winners!


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