Home Preview Preview: Umphrey’s McGee @ 9:30 Club, 1/12 + 1/13/23

Preview: Umphrey’s McGee @ 9:30 Club, 1/12 + 1/13/23

Preview: Umphrey’s McGee @ 9:30 Club, 1/12 + 1/13/23

Umphrey’s McGee (Photo courtesy IVPR)

In the 25 years since eclectic improv-rock band Umphrey’s McGee formed, their sound has been an amalgamation of genres, moods, and tempos, effortlessly flowing from one feeling to the next throughout an album or concert — or sometimes within a singular song.

You can experience it all on Umphrey’s McGee’s 25th anniversary tour, which comes to 9:30 Club for two nights — Thursday, Jan. 12, and Friday, Jan. 13!

For the band’s new album Asking For A Friend, Umphrey’s McGee entered the recording studio with something to say and a wise, measured way to say it. The end result is an astoundingly cohesive 14-song album that feels like a fresh statement from a group of world-class musicians and friends reapproaching their craft with a new lens. But long-time fans will be happy to know that the Umphrey’s McGee they know and love is still very much present on Asking For A Friend, just more refined. More focused.

Watch the official music video for “New Wings” by Umphrey’s McGee on YouTube:

Chicago’s eclectic rock band Umphrey’s McGee has been keeping fans on their toes for 24 years now. Though often pigeonholed into “jam band” circles, Umphrey’s doesn’t fit that traditional mold; and their fans don’t either. Is it prog rock? Song-forward, Beatles-esque arrangements? Be careful, they might hit you with some metal riffs mid-set, too. Amongst 2,200+ gigs and 250 million+ tracks streamed, you-had-to-be-there moments include the band’s performance at the first-ever Bonnaroo and selling more CDs (remember those?) than any other act on the bill.

A leader in the live music world, Umphrey’s McGee became the first group to launch its own single-artist streaming service with UMLive.net, which houses recordings of every gig since 2005. The service has since grown and now lives on through Nugs.net, which is used by the likes of Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, and more.

Buy your tickets online now for Thursday, Jan. 12!

Buy your tickets online now for Friday, Jan. 13!

Umphrey’s McGee
25th Anniversary Tour
9:30 Club
Thursday, Jan. 12
Doors @ 7pm
Friday, Jan. 13
Doors @ 8pm
All ages


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