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Preview: Night Moves @ Metro Gallery, 1/21/23

Preview: Night Moves @ Metro Gallery, 1/21/23

Night Moves (Photo by Shawn Brackbill)

Minneapolis-based quartet Night Moves returned in 2022 with a new EP, The Redaction. The band next performs locally at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore on Saturday, Jan. 21.

The Redaction is the band’s first EP, a short cinematic collage, harmoniously shaped together to create an EP that seamlessly blends psychedelia with a classic cozy twang. Staying true to their Midwestern roots, the band rented generators and recorded the album, produced by John Agnello, in a friend’s cabin without electricity over the course of three days. The resulting songs prove Night Moves’ evolution as songwriters, still trading in massive pop hooks that manage to convey yearning melancholy with a sense of maturity and perspective.

The psychedelic new song “Fallacy Actually” is the first track in a series of new singles released incrementally over last year from The Redcation. “Fallacy Actually” is a head-spinning swirl of layered synths, harmonica, and guitar and a fitting introduction to the band’s next chapter.

Watch the official music video for “Fallacy Actually” by Night Moves on YouTube:

With the band restless after the campaign for their third album, Can You Really Find Me (2019), which was prematurely cut short by COVID, they did their best to keep busy: writing songs, building greenhouses in South Dakota for a friend, rehearsing the aforementioned songs. Out of that came a brace of new tunes that simply called out to be documented.

The funny thing is that, for anyone that’s ever spent an inordinate amount of time in a recording studio, the process of making an album is its own social distancing of sorts. So the notion of getting a cohort together in the moment actually made strangely perfect sense under the circumstances.

New songs honed and selected, the band re-approached Agnello to get feedback on the material and working together again. The idea was met with enthusiasm, and everyone converged on the idyllic, secluded Pachyderm Studios for a hectic, bustling week of creation and homage.

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Night Moves
W/ Shady Cove
Metro Gallery
Saturday, Jan. 21
Doors @ 7pm
All ages


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