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Preview: Glove @ DC9, 6/23/23

Preview: Glove @ DC9, 6/23/23
Glove (Photo by Jeremy Malizola)

Masters of the dark discotheque, Glove are out on a headline run of US and UK tour dates. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the new wave band perform at DC9 on Friday, June 23.

Fusing elements of post punk and new wave, Glove both sonically and visually specializes in the intentional clashing of elements. The band recently released their first single of 2023, “Chewing on a Wire” alongside a texturally rich official video.

In the self-directed arthouse official video, viewers are invited into a harmonious dance of flesh and wire, further tangling them into the unending fractals of nature and those that are manmade.

Watch the official music video for “Chewing on a Wire” by Glove on YouTube:

Glove is at the forefront of cutting-edge new aged nostalgia. Funneling the feeling of a seedy nightclub into a well-polished package, the pure magnetism and style of the group won them early attention from some of music’s biggest tastemakers across the streaming, media, and live music planes. Continuing that momentum with each subsequent release, Glove is penning the soundtrack to dystopian rapture.

Made up of Rod Wendt, Brie Deux, and Justin Burns, Glove are a fluid unit wherein there is not a singular front person. This aligns with the band’s creative ethos in opposition to being categorized as one fixed configuration, but rather, amorphous, generating intrigue, suspense, and excitement among fans. Glove’s live performances are something like a mosh pit mixed with Studio 54, gracing the stages of Lollapalooza, Shaky Knees and ACL, and on the road with Jack White, Spoon, Foals, and many others.

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w/ Public Figures
Friday, June 23
Doors @ 7pm
All ages


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