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Snapshots: Sloan @ Union Stage — 6/27/23

Snapshots: Sloan @ Union Stage — 6/27/23
Sloan performs at Union Stage on June 27, 2023. (Photo by Nalinee Darmrong)

Legendary Canadian rockers Sloan released Steady, their 13th studio album, last year, and they have hit the road to tour it. Sloan recently visited DC to perform at Union Stage, and Nalinee Darmrong photographed the show!

At Union Stage on June 27, Sloan delighted concertgoers with a robust 31-song setlist. They performed all 12 tracks from Steady during the show, opening with the album’s “Scratch the Surface” and closing the first set with its “Simply Leaving.”

The second set at Union Stage included more track from Steady, including the catchy and punchy “Spend the Day.”

Watch Sloan perform “Spend the Day” live on YouTube:

On their current tour, Sloan are celebrating roughly 30 years of music, and so the quartet covered a lot of ground. Indeed, Sloan were inspired to name the album Steady in acknowledgement of their longevity. In a statement, Sloan bassist and vocalist Chris Murphy said, “They say if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together. I don’t know if there are many other bands you can name that are still making records with their original lineup 30 years in. Look it up!”

Reaching back to the band’s debut album, Sloan added two selections from Smeared (1992) to the setlist — “500 Up” during the first set and “Underwhelmed” to close the second set. Sloan’s encore included a few tracks from their fan-favorite record Never Hear the End of It (2006) — “Flying High Again” and “Who Taught You to Live Like That?”

Sloan soon wrap their USA tour, appearing in Brooklyn tonight and Maine tomorrow. Catch them near you!

Here are some photos of Sloan performing at Union Stage on June 27, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Nalinee Darmrong.

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