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Live Review: Aaron Shneyer @ Pearl Street Warehouse — 7/8/23

Live Review:  Aaron Shneyer @ Pearl Street Warehouse — 7/8/23
DC musician Aaron Shneyer hosts an album release event for his debut album, Love Rebellion at Pearl Street Warehouse on July 8, 2023. (Photo by Ari Strauss)

Aaron Shneyer, the soulful roots musician from Washington, DC, recently brought his 12-year musical journey to life at Pearl Street Warehouse with the official album release party for his debut album, Love Rebellion. The evening showcased the culmination of Aaron’s experiences, traversing worlds between Israelis and Palestinians, exploring different continents, and ultimately finding love and purpose.

The show began with “Utopia,” one of the few songs that were not part of Love Rebellion.  Aaron sang the first verse alone with just his guitar as accompaniment.  Then, as the first chorus unfolded, a powerhouse ensemble of talented musicians joined him, creating a seamless transition that set the tone for the rest of the concert.

Backed by a group of DC’s finest jazz, gospel, funk, world music, and reggae musicians, Aaron delivered an eclectic and powerful performance at Pearl Street Warehouse on July 8. The chemistry between the musicians was evident, and each artist brought their unique flair to the stage, enhancing the sonic experience.

Each musician in Aaron’s ensemble had a chance to shine. Rob Coultun on lead guitar effortlessly infused the band’s sound with elements of world music while Reggie Truxon’s drumming skills brought a dynamic energy to the stage. David Foreman’s congas provided a vibrant rhythm. Andrew Musselman, in his first show with the band, showcased his prowess on the bass, anchoring the group’s sound. Sarah Fredrick’s cello and vocals added a touch of elegance and depth to the performance.

Special guest Mosche Snowden’s trombone provided an additional funky edge to the performance.  Mosche and Aaron have been friends and musical collaborators for nearly a decade. He’s been living in Nigeria for the past three years and is just in town for a few weeks, before moving to Mexico City.

The Love Rebellion album consists of 11 thought-provoking songs, centered around dreams of love and freedom from war. These compositions were a result of Aaron’s tenure in Jerusalem, where he devoted a decade to building music-dialogue programs for Israeli and Palestinian youth. The music took on a deeper meaning as the audience was invited to imagine a world where love prevails over conflict.

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The setlist was carefully crafted to take the audience on a musical journey, from the introspective “Run Away” to the spirited “Light the Fire.” Rob Coltun’s mesmerizing guitar solo and Mosche Snowden’s captivating trombone solo on “My World” left the audience spellbound. “Generation of Fools” and “Music With You” continued to engage the crowd, with their infectious grooves and thought-provoking lyrics.

One of the highlights of the night was the extended jam session during “Pick Up Your Phone.” The band showcased their incredible improvisational skills, with a guitar solo by Rob Coltun, a soaring trombone solo by Mosche Snowden, and a tight drum solo by Reggie Truxon, leaving the audience wanting more.

The heartfelt ballad “Fig Tree” brought Aaron and Sarah Fredrick center stage, creating an intimate and poignant moment. The emotion in their performance resonated deeply, evoking a profound sense of connection.

The concert reached its climax with the anthemic “I Will” and the evocative “River,” both tracks demonstrating the power and beauty of Aaron’s songwriting. The night culminated with the moving song “Jerusalem,” a fitting tribute to the city that played a significant role in Aaron’s musical and personal growth.

The crowd demanded an encore, and Aaron and his band returned to the stage with the enchanting “Our Dance,” captivating the audience with its infectious rhythm. The concert ended on a high note, leaving the audience longing for more.

Aaron Shneyer’s Love Rebellion album release concert was a testament to his musical journey, passion, and dedication to promoting peace through music. The evening was a masterclass in soulful storytelling, showcasing the talent and synergy of a group of musicians who brought Aaron’s vision to life.

As the final notes lingered in the air, it was evident that Aaron had achieved his goal of creating an album that not only inspires, but also challenges listeners to envision a world fueled by love. Love Rebellion is a remarkable achievement and solidifies Aaron Shneyer’s place as an influential artist in the soul and roots music scene.

If this concert is any indication, Aaron Shneyer’s Love Rebellion is an album that deserves attention and appreciation. It is a musical journey that ignites the soul, uplifts the spirit, and compels us to reflect on the power of love in a world yearning for peace.

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