Home Live Review Snapshots: Melissa Etheridge @ Maryland Hall — 8/15/23

Snapshots: Melissa Etheridge @ Maryland Hall — 8/15/23

Snapshots: Melissa Etheridge @ Maryland Hall — 8/15/23
Melissa Etheridge performs at Maryland Hall on August 15, 2023. (Photo by Steve Satzberg)

Melissa Etheridge delivered her signature mix of heartland rock, roots, and folk to an attentive audience at Maryland Hall recently. Steve Satzberg was there to photograph the show!

Melissa Etheridge is one of rock music’s great female icons. Her critically acclaimed eponymous debut album was certified double platinum. Etheridge’s popularity built around such memorable songs as “Bring Me Some Water,” “No Souvenirs,” and “Ain’t It Heavy” for which she won her first Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal.

Etheridge hit her commercial and artistic stride with her fourth album, Yes I Am, featuring the massive hits “I’m the Only One” and “Come to My Window,” a searing song of longing that brought her a second Grammy.

Melissa’s show at Maryland Hall on August 15 drew heavily from these favorites, including selections from her self-titled debut (1988), Yes I Am (1993), and Your Little Secret (1995).

Watch the official music video from “Ain’t It Heavy” by Melissa Etheridge on YouTube:

Since her notable rise to fame, Melissa has continued to release several critically acclaimed recordings including, This Is ME, Memphis Rock & Soul, and The Medicine Show. In 2021, Melissa released her most recent studio project, titled One Way Out. The 9-track album is a collection of songs Etheridge wrote in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s that never saw release until now.

Here are some photos of Melissa Etheridge performing at Maryland Hall on August 15, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Steve Satzberg.

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Satzberg Photography-JB8A5529
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5525
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5517
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5510
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5498
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5488
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5481
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5469
Satzberg Photography-JB8A5466
Satzberg Photography-GV5A7329
Satzberg Photography-GV5A7323
Satzberg Photography-GV5A7314
Satzberg Photography-GV5A7289
Satzberg Photography-GV5A7276
Satzberg Photography-GV5A7256
Satzberg Photography-GV5A7253


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