Home Interview Interview: Mary Gauthier (@ Rams Head on Stage, 3/27/24)

Interview: Mary Gauthier (@ Rams Head on Stage, 3/27/24)

Interview: Mary Gauthier (@ Rams Head on Stage, 3/27/24)
Mary Gauthier (Photo by Alexa King Stone)

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/author Mary Gauthier released a new album, Dark Enough to See the Stars not too long ago, which followed on the heels of her book, Saved By A Song: The Art and Healing Power of Songwriting.

Now, the celebrated folk singer embarks on a tour, which includes a date at Rams Head on Stage in Annapolis, Maryland, on Wednesday, March 27.

Prior to her tour, Parklife DC’s Steve Satzberg interviewed Mary via email.

Steve Satzberg: Do you think your songwriting workshops and Songwriting with Soldiers have had any impact on your perspective when it comes to writing your own songs? If so, how?

Mary Gauthier: I work with songwriters all the time. I conduct workshops, coach writers one on one, and act as an advisor. It’s connected to purpose for me, and I love doing it. It does not affect my own writing at all. But working with the veterans has had an impact because I could see in real time how healing songs can be. I could see the relief in their faces, their eyes, their smiles, their tears. It’s made me a better writer, it’s given me the courage of my convictions about songwriting, and it’s given me confidence.

SS: Dark Enough to See the Stars is arguably your first album with multiple love songs. Do you agree with that opinion? Have you approached those songs any differently than your other songs?

MG: I agree with that opinion, yes! I finally was able to compose these love songs, and I am proud of them. For writers like me, love songs have been a challenge, it’s easier to write about struggle. I think that has been so for many reasons, one of which is that songwriting is hard, and when I am feeling great it does not occur to me to try and capture it in a song, I just wanna enjoy the feeling. But when I am in a struggle, I know that writing about it can be like medicine, so I instinctively go to it. Music and song is a form of alchemy, and I reach for it to transform pain and hurt.

Stream Dark Enough to See the Stars by Mary Gauthier on Spotify:

SS: The first time I ever saw you perform, you opened for Guy Clark here at the Rams Head on Stage (aka Rams Head Tavern). Can you tell us something that you learned from Guy that you wouldn’t have learned from anyone else?

MG: Guy showed me the power of unplugging and playing the encore close to the audience, solo. He was the master of that.

SS: Now that you’ve written Saved By a Song: The Art & Healing Power of Songwriting, one of the finest books on songwriting, and given your background as a chef, have you ever thought about writing a cookbook?

MG: Nah… I am not good at measuring things. I just throw stuff in the pot. I would be really bad at writing a cookbook.

SS: Other than cooking, do you have any non-musical skills that would surprise people?

MG: Well, I am an entrepreneur at heart, and I have a passion for creating businesses. It’s been something I have done since my early twenties.

SS: Jaimee Harris opens for Mary on this tour, so a bonus question for Jaimee: These joint tours must be great, being able to travel and play with Mary. However, with the success of your latest record, are there any plans for a headlining tour?

Jaimee Harris: Thank you so much for asking! I have been very much encouraged by the positive response to Boomerang Town. I do not currently have a headlining tour booked as I am in the middle of preparing myself and doing research for a huge upcoming creative project.


Mary Gauthier performs at Rams Head on Stage with guest Jaimee Harris on Wednesday, March 27.

Buy your tickets online now!

Mary Gauthier
W/ Jaimee Harris
Rams Head on Stage
Wednesday, March 27
Doors @ 6:30pm
All ages



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