Home Live Review Snapshots: Helado Negro @ The Atlantis — 4/23/24

Snapshots: Helado Negro @ The Atlantis — 4/23/24

Snapshots: Helado Negro @ The Atlantis — 4/23/24
Roberto Carlos Lange, who records and performs as Helado Negro, wows a sold-out audience at The Atlantis in DC on April 23, 2024. (35mm film photo by Casey Ryan Vock)

Few musicians can enchant and regale a venue in the manner of Roberto Carlos Lange.

More commonly known by his performing and recording name, Helado Negro, the talented South Florida native is one of the rare songwriters who weaves two languages into his music, and he does so to dazzling effect, as seen in a recent turn at The Atlantis in DC.

Helado in recent years has received numerous fellowships and grants, evidence of the mounting respect for this vanguard artist who’s discovered his own realm of experimental electronic folk that pays tribute to his Latin heritage.

His ninth studio album, PHASOR, was released in February on the 4AD label and, as one of this year’s hypnotizing treasures, it expands upon his spellbinding sound and cements him as a daring and gifted visionary.

Listen to Helado Negro’s newest album, PHASOR, released on 4AD in February, via Spotify:

The night of April 23, Negro captivated and charmed a sold-out crowd at The Atlantis in DC, presenting a set culled largely from his latest album but including selections from prior records as well. He was joined by drummer Jason Nazary and, on bass, Baltimore native Andy Stack, who performs on his own as Joyero and is a founding member of Wye Oak.

Before a diverse and watchful audience, Helado reminded that he’s not only a master song crafter, but a stimulating host who seizes the opportunity to lift people’s spirits with music and dance, too.

Watch the official music video for Helado Negro’s “Colores del mar” via the artist’s YouTube channel:


Colores del Mar
LFO (Lupe Finds Oliveros)
I Just Want to Wake Up With You
Gemini and Leo
There Must Be a Song Like You
Hometown Dream
Outside the Outside
Echo Tricks Me
Out There
Best for You and Me
Wish You Could Be Here
Es una fantasia

Sabana de luz
País nublado
We Don’t Have Time for That

Below are home-rolled/developed/scanned photos of Helado Negro along with the opening act, Marem Ladson, performing at The Atlantis in Washington DC the night of April 23, 2024. All images copyright and courtesy of Casey Ryan Vock.

Helado Negro @ The Atlantis Washington DC 04.23.24 35mm Film Photo by Casey Ryan Vock

Marem Ladson

Marem Ladson @ The Atlantis Washington DC 04.23.24 35mm Film Photo by Casey Ryan Vock


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