Home Live Review Live Review: Clutch @ The National (Richmond, VA) — 4/26/24

Live Review: Clutch @ The National (Richmond, VA) — 4/26/24

Live Review: Clutch @ The National (Richmond, VA) — 4/26/24
Clutch performs at The National in Richmond, Virginia, on April 26, 2024. (Photo by Michael Sprouse/ Odd Rocker Photography)

Clutch fans got to experience the band’s whirlwind of rock ‘n’ roll energy firsthand, and it left them exhilarated and craving more, on a recent night at The National in Richmond, Virginia.

The moment the band took the stage, there was an undeniable electricity in the air as the crowd eagerly anticipated the first song, at The National on April 26.

Neil Fallon, Clutch’s magnetic frontman, commanded attention with his powerful vocals and captivating stage presence. His energy was infectious, and he effortlessly led the audience through a sonic journey filled with blues-infused riffs and thunderous rhythms.

The band’s tight musicianship was on full display, with guitarist Tim Sult, bassist Dan Maines, and drummer Jean-Paul Gaster delivering a powerhouse performance that drove the music forward with precision and intensity.

Fans, young or old, were singing along with every word throughout the night in the sold-out venue. Some simply nodded their head in rhythm to the intense tunes raining down from the stage.

High points of the show included favorites like “Nosferatu Madre,” “Ghost,” and “In Walks Barbarella,” but every song felt like a standout moment thanks to the band’s unwavering commitment to delivering a top-notch performance.

Watch the official music video for “In Walks Barbarella” by Clutch on YouTube:

Clutch knows how to put on an electrifying show that leaves fans buzzing with excitement. They delivered a performance that was both intense and infectious. Once the final notes faded away and the house lights came up, the crowd of fans were left buzzing with adrenaline and already counting down the days until their next Clutch concert!


1. A Shotgun Named Marcus
2. Rats
3. El Jefe Speaks
4. Slaughter Beach
5. Burning Beard
6. The Dragonfly
7. Nosferatu Madre
8. Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks
9. Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)
10. In Walks Barbarella
11. Skeletons on Mars
12. Ghost
13. Motherless Child (First time live in public since 2013)
14. Pigtown Blues (First time played live since 2011)
15. Earthworm (First time played live since 2001)
16. Binge and Purge (First time played live since 2009)


17. The Mob Goes Wild
18. Earth Rocker

Clutch soon launch The Two-Headed Beast Tour in a co-headlining gig with Rival Sons.

Catch Clutch on tour at The Anthem in DC on Saturday, Sept. 7!

Here are some photos of Clutch performing at The National in Richmond, Virginia, on April 26, 2024. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Michael Sprouse.

Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch001
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch002
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch003
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch004
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch005
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch006
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch007
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch008
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch009
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch010
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch011
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch012
Clutch - National - 4-26-2024- Clutch013


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