Home Live Review Live Review: Kyle Smith and Mike Pinto @ Pearl Street Warehouse — 5/30/24

Live Review: Kyle Smith and Mike Pinto @ Pearl Street Warehouse — 5/30/24

Live Review: Kyle Smith and Mike Pinto @ Pearl Street Warehouse — 5/30/24
Kyle Smith performs at Pearl Street Warehouse on May 30, 2024. (Photo by Carol Lowe)

While I’ve never been to Pearl Street Warehouse in DC before, I do like the venue a lot. Situated on the wharf, it boasts an indoor/outdoor bar and balcony seating in an intimate setting. Quite frankly, combined with the weather on my revisit visit, it was the perfect setting for Kyle Smith and Mike Pinto to bring some reggae rock vibes to the week and move us into the weekend. 

Now you may be asking, “Who the f**K is Kyle Smith?” — and if you know you know as that’s his unofficially official slogan. Kyle Smith, who usually puts on a full-band show that intertwines punky rock with roots and reggae, played a stripped down acoustic set as the opener that had the audience swaying, singing along, and feeling like family for a show on Pearl Street on May 30.

Singing the title track off his album Lost Cause, the audience participated in every callback as Kyle looped his guitar and then played it as a drum. Keeping with the reggae rock themes, he reminds us that “Life is a gift, and it ain’t guaranteed, so you have to power on through”. 

Stream Lost Cause by Kyle Smith on Spotify:

Next up was Mike Pinto, who has some of the best storytelling in the reggae music scene with songs like “Bad Luck” and “Tricky Nicky” (a personal favorite of mine). Putting on a full band show despite the smaller stage, Mike did not disappoint, getting the audience’s energy and engagement up to the next level where bobbing heads turned into full on dancing. He put on a full show that had everyone on island time for a few hours, and leaving feeling energized and ready for more. 

The east coast reggae community came out for this one, with some members of our homegrown but nationally known bands coming out in support of this tour and their friends as well. I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with Kyle and Mike before the show and the one thing I noticed and love, is how completely down to earth they both are despite being touring musicians with loads of fans. It reminded me just why I love going to these reggae shows so much- live music brings us together and makes us a family, even if only for the night. I met a couple at this show from out in the mid-west where she is a Mormon and he’s in the military and they became my best friends for the night. That’s what this music does for us, and I’m glad to see that community coming out in support of two amazing artists.

See more photos from the night below!


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