Live Review: Mindy Smith @ City Winery — 9/28/22

Mindy SmithMindy Smith (Photo courtesy Silverleaf Booking)

When she was a child, Mindy Smith struggled to clean up her room. “I’m not known as the most organized human being,” she recently told her audience at City Winery. She’d start cleaning, but then she’d find a toy, and she’d start playing.

Soon enough, there’d be an even bigger mess than she when she’d started. As her mother looked on and instructed her in the items she needed to put away — because, as she emphasized, her mom made her do it herself — she would slowly clearly away the mess. Her mother would say it looked like a tornado had gone through through her room. “Tornado” doesn’t make for good lyrics, though, so Mindy took a little poetic license and changed it to “Hurricane,” which became the title of a song.

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