Music Park: VIDEO @ DC9 — 2/17/16

TV’s Daniel of VIDEO (Photo by Jon Chamberlain)

“You don’t deserve VIDEO,” spits frontman Daniel Fried as he gazes out over the audience. “We’re too good for you. But we’re going to do you a solid and give you the best damn show of your life.”

Daniel’s band VIDEO threw down some amazingly raucous garage punk rock at DC9 on Wednesday night as part of a traveling showcase from Third Man Records. Detroit rock-n-rollers Timmy’s Organism were the headliners of the Audio Social Dissent Tour but VIDEO, zipping into the middle set of three bands, certainly captured the room to my ears.

The frontman (who goes by “TV’s Daniel” in the band) began the show with his back turned to the audience as he knelt before the drums. His bandmates — Payton Green, Harpal Assi, and Gregory Rutherford — played a pleasing post-punk instrumental while Daniel meditated, perhaps gathering his strength. Then he stands to sing a smoky punk tune, “I Will Wait.”

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Tim Lampinen aka Timmy Vulgar (PR Photo)

Third Man Records, the Nashville-based treasure trove of a publisher, has been supporting some interesting acts in Detroit, including the legendary Tim Lampinen, now channeling his cult following through his band Timmy’s Organism.

The trio consists of vocalist and guitarist Tim (aka Timmy Vulgar) and bassist Jeff Giant and drummer Blake Hill. The band released its latest album, Heartless Heathen, via Third Man in 2015, and they are now touring in support of it with fellow Detroit band Regression 696 (which actually is two-thirds of Detroit noise-rockers Wolf Eyes) and VIDEO from Austin. The tour, labeled Audio Social Dissent 2016, stops at DC9 tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 17.

Listen to Timmy’s Organism’s first single from Heartless Heathen — “Get Up, Get Out,” a raucous punk rock record:

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Timmy’s Organism cite Captain Beefheart and Destroy All Monsters as well as classic punk bands like Chrome, Crime, and the Damned as influences. Go to DC9 tonight for a rare opportunity to see Detroit legends throw a thundering rock ‘n’ roll party in our fair city.

Tickets are available at the door.

Third Man Records Presents: Audio Social Dissent 2016
Timmy’s Organism
w/ VIDEO and Regression 696
Doors @8pm
All ages