Ticket Giveaway: Wild Belle @ Black Cat, 4/11/19

Wild Belle (Photo courtesy Ticketfly)

Wild Belle, the brother-sister band with Natalie and Elliot Bergman, released Everybody One of a Kind, their third studio album, last week, and the duo performs at the Black Cat on Thursday, April 11. You can win tickets to go with Parklife DC!

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Music Park: James Supercave @ Black Cat — 5/1/16

James Supercave 02 Joaquin Pastor and Andrés Villalobos of James Supercave perform at the Black Cat on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

You could see it on the faces of the audience as you looked around: What they were hearing was really damn good.

Neo-psych band James Supercave caught lightning in a bottle with their phenomenal song “Better Strange,” and unleashed it on the very full house at the Black Cat on Sunday night.

As people were walking into the venue to see Wild Belle, they may have been greeted with an opening act unfamiliar to them. After that opening song (the title track to the band’s debut album), the crowd definitely wanted to hear more.

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Interview: Joaquin Pastor of James Supercave @ Black Cat, 5/1/16

James Supercave hi res press photo
Joaquin Pastor of James Supercave (Photo courtesy Riot Act Media)

We at Parklife DC have spent the last few days listening to the debut album by James Supercave — an album called Better Strange published via Fairfax Recordings earlier this year. It’s a great psychedelic dance record, so I was pleased to catch up with James Supercave vocalist Joaquin Pastor to ask him about the making of the record.

James Supercave are on tour in support of the album, and they are opening for funky psych duo Wild Belle at the Black Cat on Sunday, May 1. Tickets are available online!

Meanwhile, it’s worth mentioning that James Supercave have two dates coming up in New York City as well — a sold-out show with Wild Belle at Music Hall of Williamsburg and a date of their own. If you’re in Brooklyn, catch James Supercave headlining on Friday, April 29, at Our Wicked Lady (153 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY). (At $5/$7, that’s a steal.)

I chatted with Joaquin about his band’s sound, the debut record, and David Bowie.

Mickey McCarter: How’s the tour going?

Joaquin Pastor: It’s going well! We just played Pittsburgh, and we are finally starting to kick. It’s our third night with Wild Belle, who are fantastic. It’s going to be a real pleasure to watch them over the next month.

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Don’t Miss: James Supercave @ Black Cat, 5/1/16

James Supercave (Photo courtesy the band)

California neo-psych trio James Supercave have come zipping back with a debut full-length album, Better Strange, released in February on Fairfax Recordings.

Vocalist Joaquin Pastor, keyboardist Patrick Logothetti and guitarist Andres Villalobos have crafted a dynamic, synthy album that sneaks up on you fast and then runs frenetically around you in hypnotic loops. The band is touring in support of the new album with a stop at the Black Cat on Sunday, May 1, opening for Wild Belle.

James Supercave deal with themes of finding love and finding yourself while sounding a bit like MGMT or occasionally The Klaxons, although they definitely have their own distinct personality.

Watch the official music video for “The Right Thing” by James Supercave online at YouTube (be warned: rather NSFW due to nudity):

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfKYg-9MCYA]

As we mentioned, James Supercave are opening for Wild Belle, who have a similar psychedelic vibe in their music, including a new album Dreamland. The two bands should make for a good pair!

Tickets are available online.

James Supercave
(Opening for Wild Belle)
Black Cat
Sunday, May 1
Doors @7:30pm
All ages