Music Park: Ex Hex Debut “Don’t Wanna Lose” Video (Appearing at Dr. Martens, 2/5/15)

My favorite power pop lady trio Ex Hex today released a new video for the song “Don’t Wanna Lose” from their debut album Rips on YouTube.

The video actually debuted on NME yesterday before making its way to YouTube today. In the video, Mary Timony and company pay homage to the movie Ladies & Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains (which starred a very young Diane Lane and Laura Dern in 1982) with hair and makeup styled after the fictitious Stains band. (The Stains, not coincidentally, were also three women in a punky band… hmmmmmm.)

I have to say I’m enjoying these videos almost as much as the album itself, even when they don’t feature Ian Svenonius!

Ex Hex are soon to depart their hometown of DC for a European tour, but before they do, they will play a free show at our local Dr. Martens (3108 M St. NW, DC) store in Georgetown on Feb. 5.

When they return from Europe, they’ll play a proper gig at the Black Cat (1811 14th St. NW, DC) on May 1 (tickets on sale tomorrow, Jan. 23).

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