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Music Park: Marrow @ Black Cat — 4/23/15


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eNITD0v6pg&w=560&h=315]
“She Chose You” and “Mother of Maladies” from Marrow’s Two EP

Marrow, hailing from Chicago, played an inspired show in the Black Cat’s Backstage to a small, but enthused crowd.

Lane Beckstrom, on bass and vocals, chatted with the crowd on whether Bill Cosby’s mural was still displayed at Ben’s Chili Bowl, claiming that he was still going after the show either way. Someone said ‘there will be tears’, to which he quipped ‘Delicious tears’.

That fit the mood of the show as well. An entertaining set, but not nearly enough people to fill out the venue.

They performed a good cover of Mott the Hoople’s, “All the Young Dudes”, noting that they loved David Bowie (who wrote the song) too much not to play it. And they were right.

Marrow’s first full length album, The Gold Standard, will be out soon. The mellow two-song EP they previously released, Two, will be remastered and included in the album. These songs and “Paulson”, the first single from the new album, give the focus to the sultry voice of Macie Stewart, on keyboard and vocals. The pattern of the video for “Paulson” flows like a weird work-out tape, but the song itself is about loss and how relationships don’t always last. Maybe?

All and all, a fine show and worth your time to check out the band when you have the chance.

The Black Cat marked the end of their multi-city East Coast tour, but be on the look out for when they visit DC again. Or if you’re in Chicago.

Phantomweight, a local DC band, started off the night with an infectious bit of funk, showcasing their two-piece horn section with a trombone and a saxophone. They’ve played recent shows at DC9 and Galaxy Hut.

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