Home Around Town Don’t Miss: Snallygaster Beer Festival 2016 @ The Yards, 9/17/16

Don’t Miss: Snallygaster Beer Festival 2016 @ The Yards, 9/17/16


UntitledSnallygaster (Photo Credit: jtnhogs)

The fifth version of Snallygaster comes to The Yards on Saturday, September 17th. The beer festival for people who like too many good beer options, but not enough time to drink them all.

(Update for 9/12/16) The full beer list is out! 351 beers will be poured at Snallygaster, and since you can’t drink them all (well, at least I know I can’t), I suggest you start doing a bit of research and cultivating your own personal Beer List. You can download the full Snallygaster Beer List via PDF, Google Sheets or via the Pombe App.

Get your tickets while you still can, this is one beer festival you don’t want to miss! VIP passes are sold out, but the 1-6pm window is still available.

There will also be music (see our preview of Speedy Ortiz and more here) and plenty of food trucks and stands.

We’ll also preview a few beers this week we’re looking forward to. Stay tuned.

Snallygaster 2016
The Yards (1300 First Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20003)
Saturday, September 17, 2016
1-6pm (VIP 11:30am-6pm)
$35 (VIP $60 SOLD OUT)

Check out our coverage from last year’s Snallygaster and get excited for September 17th.

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