Don’t Miss: Bloody Knives @ Velvet Lounge, 9/16/16

A former lineup of Bloody Knives with Preston Maddox (voice/bass/sounds), Jake McCown (drums), and Kim Calderon (samples) pictured. (Photo courtesy Saint Marie Records)

Bloody Knives of Austin, Texas, visit the Velvet Lounge tonight, bringing with them some thrashing, psychedelic tunes.

Vocalist and bassist Preston Maddox and drummer Jake McCown have been recording together since at least 2009, and they have been joined in that time by various other rotating bandmembers. Recently, they were joined by Jack O’Hara Harris, who handles sounds and samples.

Bloody Knives’ latest release is 2013’s industrial-tinged Death, released via Saint Marie Records. You can check it out on Bandcamp:

Headling tonights show, Bloody Knives are joined by local bands Machine Drift, Stems, and Chester Hawkins. Between the acts, they cover a lot of ground, but I hear a goth/industrial streak running through their collective music.

Tickets are available at the door.

Bloody Knives
w/ Machine Drift, Stems, Chester Hawkins
Velvet Lounge
Doors @7:30pm


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