Home Live Review Stars and Bars: Grand Opening @ Vieux Carre — 9/14/16

Stars and Bars: Grand Opening @ Vieux Carre — 9/14/16

Stars and Bars: Grand Opening @ Vieux Carre — 9/14/16

Vieux Carre 03 Bartender Chris makes a slow gin fizz at the Vieux Carre grand opening party on Sept. 14, 2016.

Cocktails mecca Vieux Carre opened on K Street in July, and last week the bar welcomed guests for a grand opening party.

Creative Director Seth McClelland personally greeted people at the door like a proud father, and he’s got a lot to be proud of. Vieux Carre is a lovely place, recreating the experience of being in an old-school French Quarter bar from New Orleans. You can immediately make yourself comfortable at small tables around the first floor or balcony or pull up to the grand bar that dominates the first floor at the right of the door.

Vieux Carre serves up delicious drinks, including the best Sazerac I’ve ever had in the DC area. Bartenders mix rye, simple syrup, and bitters in a frosted glass with an absinthe rinse, achieved by tossing the glass in the air.

Also on the spirits menu is the Vieux Carre, very similar to a Sazerac but with rye, brandy, sweet vermouth, Benedictine, and bitters. I also sample a Ramos Gin Fizz with gin, half & half, egg white, orange flower water, lemon juice, and simple syrup. I’m not the biggest fan of gin but this too is delicious.

The menu also offers other Louisiana drinks, including a Hurricane, French 75, Bywater, and Absinthe Frappe. The bar serves Abita Beer’s Purple Haze, which was flying out of the cooler during last Wednesday’s party.

I also took the opportunity to sample Vieux Carre’s homemade “Fireball” whiskey. Wow, it’s intense, mostly because of the abundance of cinnamon imbuing the spirits. You can see the cinnamon seeping in the liquid behind the bar, and tasting it will challenge your taste buds a bit!

With its handy location, attractive decor, and knowledgeable bartenders, Vieux Carre (1413 K St. NW, DC) should enjoy a long run in DC indeed.

Here are a few pictures of those drinks and the bar. Parklife DC visited this place at the invitation of the owners. If you would like to invite us to check out your restaurant or bar, email us at parklifedc AT gmail.com.

Vieux Carre 04

Vieux Carre 02

Vieux Carre 01

Pictured: Vieux Carre Bar Manager Jeff Coles, YBC Partner Ashtan Moore, and Creative Director Seth McClelland. (Photo by Joy Asico.)

Vieux Carre Bar Manager Jeff Coles - Ashton Moore - and Creative Director Seth McClelland by Joy Asico


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