Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Ego Likeness @ Metro Gallery (Baltimore, Md.), 4/7/17

Don’t Miss: Ego Likeness @ Metro Gallery (Baltimore, Md.), 4/7/17

Don’t Miss: Ego Likeness @ Metro Gallery (Baltimore, Md.), 4/7/17

Ego Likeness (Photo by Kyle Cassidy)

Baltimore industrial quartet Ego Likeness are hosting a hometown gathering of like-minded musicians for an evening of music at Metro Gallery (1700 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md.) on Friday, April 7.

The dark electronic pioneers, active since 1999, have been going through a productive period recently, releasing fifth studio album When the Wolves Return, via Metropolis Records in 2015. Late last year, the band collected its The Compass EPs — South, West, North, and East — into a full-length release.

With their great dance melodies and the strong, unique voice of singer Donna Lynch, Ego Likeness are no strangers to DC, where they have been embraced throughout their career. Lots of fans particularly appreciate the title track to their fourth album, 2010’s Breedless.

Watch Ego Likeness perform “Breedless” live on July 28, 2013, at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, Delaware, courtesy of COMA Music Magazine:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03jfsDD0VCM]

Ego Likeness architect Steve Archer recently listed himself on Patreon, where admirers can support the band and find exclusive art, music, and other offerings. Check it out online at https://www.patreon.com/StevenArcher.

Meanwhile perhaps the show tomorrow signals a renewed period of activity for Ego Likeness? We shall see!

Buy your tickets online.

Ego Likeness
w/Technophobia, Nahja Mora, Stars and The Sea,
Fun Never Starts, DJ Sex Charges & DJ Candy Corn
Metro Gallery
Friday, April 7
Doors @ 7:30pm


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