Don’t Miss: Algiers @ Black Cat, 7/24/17

Algiers (Photo courtesy Matador Records)

Experimental rock band Algiers released their sophomore album The Underside of Power via Matador Records on June 23, and they visit Black Cat in DC with their powerful mix of post-punk and gospel music on Monday, July 24.

“This album was recorded in a political environment that collapses the late ’70s economic crisis and the looming onslaught of arch-conservative neoliberalism, via Thatcher and Reagan, into the late 1930s, a world riven by fascist nationalism and white power fantasies in the US and abroad,” said bassist Ryan Mahan. To combat “this rising tide of sinister politics,” Algiers have recorded their second album to give voice to the resulting frustration and despair.

Watch the official music video for “Cleveland” by Algiers on YouTube:

Algiers frontman Franklin James Fisher is joined in the band by Ryan on bass, Lee Tesche on guitar, and Matt Tong (formerly of Bloc Party!) on drums. The resulting music has won universal praise.

“From the clean lines and disquieting ambiguity of the cover to the references to TS Eliot and the samples from murdered Black Panthers, there’s no mistaking that this is a Serious Album — but hey, that’s a good thing,” said Christian Cottingham in a review for Drowned in Sound.

“Better still is the music itself, a nakedly confrontational meet of gospel soul and industrial beats, of Bad Seeds guitars and occasional Prince-esque croon,” Christian added.

Don’t let the revolution truly begin without you. Buy your tickets online.

w/ Moon Diagrams
Black Cat
Monday, July 24
Doors @ 7:30pm
All ages

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