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Music Park: The Knocks and Galantis @ All Things Go Fall Classic — 10/6/17


ATG-Galantis09 Galantis perform at All Things Go Fall Classic on Oct. 6, 2017.

The annual All Things Go Fall Classic music festival successfully expanded to three days last week, launching with an evening of dance music on Friday, Oct. 6, at Union Market’s Dock 5. Headliners The Knocks and Galantis brought their top game to the dock, where revelers danced the night away in the wonderfully warm weather of the night.

The Knocks — NYC electronic duo Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson — knocked down some doors when they busted out two new tunes live at All Things Go Fall Classic. The guys made the world premiere debuts of “Best Friend” and “House Party” back to back at Union Market.

“Best Friend” actually is a song by Sofi Tukker featuring Nervo, The Knocks, and Alisa Ueno, but The Knocks are famous for their signature remixes of songs to which they contribute. “House Party,” the latest single by The Knocks, drops tomorrow, Oct. 13, so All Things Go Fall Classic patrons got to experience the song before anyone else.

The new songs sat comfortably beside other nu disco tracks by The Knocks, such as “Worship” featuring MNEK and “Trouble” featuring Absofacto. “Worship” of course consists of soaring disco beats around MNEK’s gospel while “Trouble” is a downtempo delight that delivers an admonishment from Absofacto’s falsetto.

In performance, The Knocks swayed behind their kit, staying in the zone and being chill while generating music. The Knocks don’t have any tour dates scheduled now, but look for them to bring the party back to a stage near you soon.

Here are some pictures of The Knocks performing at All Things Go Fall Classic on Oct. 6.


ATG_TheKnocks02 ATG_TheKnocks03

ATG_TheKnocks04 ATG_TheKnocks05


Galantis closed the night. The Swedish duo chose All Things Go Fall Classic as the first stop on The Aviary Tour, which resumes tomorrow Oct. 13 in Sacramento, California.

Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw brought their electronic mega hits, including “Peanut Butter Jelly,” the ridiculously infectious dance riot of a tune from 2015. Galantis also played their relatively new single “Love on Me,” which they produced with Hook N Sling last year. Along the way, they played other favorites like “Gold Dust,” their glowing electro ballad.

Galantis came with a fantastically immersive light show projected upon digital screens on their stage. And honestly, Christian and Linus often appeared to be having a great deal of fun simply being there to mix tunes for their admirers. The gents were smiling widely and having the time of their lives all night.

Here are some pictures of Galantis performing at All Things Go Fall Classic on Oct. 6.


ATG-Galantis02 ATG-Galantis03

ATG-Galantis04 ATG-Galantis05

ATG-Galantis06 ATG-Galantis07

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