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Around Town: 2018 Thrushie Awards @ Parklife DC, Thru 9/30/18

Around Town: 2018 Thrushie Awards @ Parklife DC, Thru 9/30/18

Wood Thrush
A wood thrush! (Photo by Trish Gussler)

Parklife DC this year will honor the best in DC concerts with our inaugural awards program, named for our new mascot, DC’s own state bird — the Wood Thrush. Our “Thrushie” Awards will salute bands and venues in line with our mission to review live music concerts.

Our eligibility period for Thrushie Awards will end on Sept. 30, the end of the federal fiscal year, and we will announce winners in the month afterward. The awards committee consists of active bloggers on the Parklife DC music blog, but we will actively solicit the input of the public throughout the rest of the year. Your advocacy for a specific band or music or venue will have a tremendous impact on the Thrushie Awards.

For its first year, Parklife DC will recognize Thrushies in the following categories:

Best DC Band
Best DC Label Record Release
Best DC Music Venue
Best DC-Area Festival

Our blog is dedicated to coverage of live music events, and our awards program reflects that dedication. An active blogger on Parklife DC must have seen and reviewed a DC band, for example, for it to be eligible for a Thrushie Award. Likewise, we must have experienced the record, venue, festival, etc., for it to be eligible.

If you would like your band or venue to be eligible for Thrushie consideration, invite us to review a show by contacting us at parklifedc@gmail.com.

We will issue reader surveys over the rest of the inaugural awards period to refine our thinking and ultimately to determine nominees for the awards. As this is our first year, the process for the awards will take shape over the next several months, but it’s ultimately the goal to have an announcement of at least three to five nominees per category and actively solicit the input of the DC community.

Parklife DC designates the consideration period for our 2018 Thrushie Awards as Oct. 1, 2017, through Sept. 30, 2018.

Stay tuned for more information and your chance to provide input on nominees for the Thrushie Awards in the coming weeks! Questions? Email us at parklifedc@gmail.com.


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