Don’t Miss: Quiet Slang @ Rock and Roll Hotel, 7/12/18

Quiet Slang (Photo by Charlie Lowe)

Editors Note: This show was originally scheduled for May 19.

James Alex of Beach Slang releases an album under the banner of Quiet Slang on May 18. Quiet Slang then launches a tour in June, presenting some of the new songs from Everything Matters But No One Is Listening, to be published by Polyvinyl Record Co., with a stop at Rock and Roll Hotel on Thursday, July 12.

Beach Slang, James’ Philadelphia punk quartet, is often a calamitous affair. But James reworked some Beach Slang songs into “lovely orchestral pop,” according to Stereogum. With Quiet Slang, James embraces the cello and piano. Although he used the moniker to tour solo previously, he officially debuted Quiet Slang at SXSW.

Watch the official music video for “Dirty Cigarettes” by Quiet Slang on YouTube:

For Everything Matters But No One Is Listening, James worked with longtime co-producer Dave Downham, and he also enlisted cellist Dan Delaney and pianist Keith Giosa. Other collaborators include Stacey Downham, Matt Weber, Charlie Lowe, and New Jersey quartet The Warhawks, who lent their voices as a “back alley choir,” said James.

He added, “If Beach Slang is me fawning over The Replacements, Quiet Slang is me head-over-heels for Stephin Merritt.”

Buy your tickets online.

Quiet Slang
w/ Abi Reimold
Rock and Roll Hotel
Saturday, May 19
Doors @ 7pm
All ages

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