Don’t Miss: Pete Yorn @ Howard Theatre, 9/26/18

Pete Yorn (Photo courtesy WME)

Recently, Pete Yorn collaborated with actress Scarlett Johansson for an EP, Apart. The indie rocker will present those songs and others in a show at the Howard Theatre on Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Pete last released ArrangingTime, his sixth full-length studio album, via Capitol Records in 2016. On that album, Pete raced from folk to blues to synthrock!

“I’ll look at pictures of places I went, or things I did,” Pete said, “and I think, ‘Look at how great that day was and you just missed it.’ I think about the past and how much of it is a blur. The title of the album is a reminder to be present and within each song is a minor lesson about that. Time only gets faster as you get older.”

Watch the official music video for “Lost Weekend” by Pete Yorn on YouTube:

“I’m an observer,” Pete said. “I’m into subtleties, the moments between moments, but I don’t pretend to know where all the ideas come from. I try to clear myself, create a melody and let that emotion dictate what comes out. I like my own songs when I haven’t even figured them out yet. I’m into the mysterious part of the process.”

Entertainment Weekly called Pete Yorn blissfully “unbeholden to current music trends.” “ArrangingTime’s dozen songs epitomize the singer-songwriter sound of the iPod Mini years, as if Danger Mouse went into the studio to create Wilco Lite songs for Gap ads. And that’s not a bad thing when the writing is as strong as Yorn’s,” said Eric Renner Brown in a review of ArrangingTime.

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An Evening with Pete Yorn: You & Me Solo Acoustic Tour
Howard Theatre
Wednesday, Sept. 26
Show @ 8pm
All ages

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