Don’t Miss: The Charlatans UK @ U Street Music Hall, 10/2/18

The Charlatans (Photo by Cat Stevens)

The Charlatans UK released Totally Eclipsing, a new EP, on June 8! The four-track album followed their latest full-length, 2017’s Different Days. Vocalist Tim Burgess and company are currently on a North American tour, and they visit U Street Music Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The Charlatans UK have revealed their brilliant new single “Totally Eclipsing” taken from a brand-new four-track EP set for release on June 8th, 2018.

With the EP, The Charlatans UK released the title track, “Totally Eclipsing,” along with an official video, animated by Chris Walker. The track was produced and mixed by David Wrench, who has worked with The XX, Frank Ocean, Jamie XX, and many more. The Charlatans worked with producer Jim Spencer to record the remaining new tracks, “Standing Alone,” “Indefinitely in Your Debt,” and Hopelessly Hoping’

Watch the official music video for “Totally Eclipsing” by The Charlatans on YouTube:

The Charlatans made a “euphoric” return to their spiritual home of Northwich, Cheshire, England earlier this year, The Guardian reported. In a review of their performance, Dave Simpson praised the “sweetly melodic” “Totally Eclipsing.”

“Since they were last here, they have endured the deaths of two members, an imprisonment and a nervous breakdown, but they have emerged as an indefatigable unit, musically and personally solid. Songs such as the thunderous One to Another hinge on the musical collisions between guitarist Mark Collins and Hammond organist Tony Rogers and the fearsome, almost northern soul rhythm section of bassist Martin Blunt and former Verve drummer Pete Salisbury,” the review said.

Buy your tickets online.

The Charlatans UK
w/ Strawberry Sleepover
U Street Music Hall
Tuesday, Oct. 2
Doors @ 7pm
All ages

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