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Snapshots: The Jesus and Mary Chain @ The Anthem — 10/9/18


Jim and William Reid perform with The Jesus and Mary Chain at The Anthem on Oct. 9, 2018. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

For two nights at The Anthem, The Jesus and Mary Chain opened Nine Inch Nails, and the Scottish noise poppers led by Jim and William Reid were at the top of their game!

The Jesus and Mary Chain most recently released Damage and Joy, a terrific and unexpected seventh studio album, in 2017 via Artificial Plastic Records. They toured extensively upon its release, so the announcement of their touring with Nine Inch Nails came as something of a pleasant surprise.

The quintet did not disappointment with a neatly compact 12-song set when opening. The gents began the show with two of their best songs ever — “Just Like Honey” and “Head On,” from seminal albums Psychocandy and Automatic, respectively. Soon, the band performed “Amputation” and “All Things Pass” from the new album, coating the room in a gentle haze of psychedelia.

Stream Damage and Joy by The Jesus and Mary Chain on Spotify:


Just Like Honey
Head On
Happy When It Rains
Blues From a Gun
All Things Pass
Some Candy Talking
Far Gone and Out
Cracking Up
Halfway to Crazy
I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll

Catch The Jesus and Mary Chain with Nine Inch Nails on tour through Oct. 27 in Chicago. This is a bill worth your time! Here are some pictures of The Jesus and Mary Chain performing at The Anthem on Oct. 9, 2018. All photos courtesy Mickey McCarter.


TheJesusAndMaryChain27 TheJesusAndMaryChain26

TheJesusAndMaryChain25 TheJesusAndMaryChain24

TheJesusAndMaryChain21 TheJesusAndMaryChain20

TheJesusAndMaryChain19 TheJesusAndMaryChain18

TheJesusAndMaryChain16 TheJesusAndMaryChain15

TheJesusAndMaryChain13 TheJesusAndMaryChain12

TheJesusAndMaryChain10 TheJesusAndMaryChain08

TheJesusAndMaryChain06 TheJesusAndMaryChain05

TheJesusAndMaryChain03 TheJesusAndMaryChain02

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