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Don’t Miss: Young the Giant @ The Anthem, 11/16/18


Young the Giant (Photo by Wesley Yen)

Young the Giant released their new album Mirror Master last month via Elektra Records, and now they are ready to storm The Anthem on Friday, Nov. 16.

Discussing the new record, vocalist Sameer Gadhia said, “Within one single day, we’re all so many different people. Especially with the use of social media, we’re not just living in the now — we’re living on several different timelines simultaneously.”

“A lot of the album came from thinking about how we have all these separations within ourselves that allow us to go about our day,” he added. “At a time when everyone wants to put each other in a box — culturally, socially, musically — we wanted to show that there are a multitude of reflections inside everything. We don’t have to be a certain thing; we can contradict ourselves and show all these different sides of who we are.”

Watch the official music video for “Superposition” by Young the Giant on YouTube:

In a review for Billboard, Josh Gicksman applauds the versatility of Young the Giant.

“Mirror Master sees Young the Giant taking another turn, transitioning the conversation from an external, overtly political focus on 2016’s Home of the Strange to an inward, change-comes-from-within approach. The title track serves as an uplifting end to the project, depicting the mastery of self-image in the form of falling in love and starring in a movie of your own design. Even so, the album shines brightest when it forces us to wrestle with the facades that we put up on a daily basis,” he wrote.

Buy your tickets online.

Young the Giant
w/ Lights
The Anthem
Friday, Nov. 16
Doors @ 6:30pm
$40 GA/$55 Super Excellent/$139 VIP
All ages

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