Home Local Spotlight Preview: Priests @ 9:30 Club, 6/15/19

Preview: Priests @ 9:30 Club, 6/15/19

Preview: Priests @ 9:30 Club, 6/15/19

priests-Drew_Hagelin Priests (Photo by Drew Hagelin)

DC post-punks Priests released “Mother,” a cover of the 1988 song by Danzig today! The single, available only via Amazon Music, follows on the heels of the trio’s second full-length record, The Seduction of Kansas, which dropped in April. Priests next perform at 9:30 Club on Saturday, June 15.

Taken from Danzig’s self-titled debut, a classic produced by Rick Rubin, “Mother” is a track that Priests often perform live and play in the van while on tour. Vocalist Katie Greer, guitarist Gideon Jaguar, and drummer Daniele Daniele recorded the cover in a day with multi-instrumentalist Don Godwin at Tonal Park in DC, and it features bassist Alexandra Tyson. For the recording, Priests re-work the track with a more dramatic, danceable edge.

Said Priests, “This whole album (Danzig) is actually pretty sexy, something it doesn’t get enough credit for. We thought we’d tease this out a little more in our cover by re-imagining it with a ‘Let’s Dance’ era Nile-Rogers-producing-Bowie kind of glamor. Plus, what better way to subvert expectations of a Danzig song than by sprinkling it with a little disco panache? We assume this cover won’t be for everybody, but that’s the whole point of committing to creative decisions now, isn’t it?”

Stream “Mother” by Danzig covered by Priests on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Priests began a tour in support of The Seduction of Kansas earlier this year in the USA and Europe. They hit the road again for the second part of the tour, beginning with a date at 9:30 Club on Saturday, June 15.

“Priests prove themselves to be highly intellectual and creative songsmiths, drawing on not only their D.C. punk roots but also some adventurous pop sensibilities, all while serving up searing, sage commentary on Middle American ideals,” said Paste of The Seduction of Kansas.

Watch the official music video for “The Seduction of Kansas” by Priests on YouTube:

Priests played a free show at Songbyrd Music House on April 13 to celebrate the release of their last album. Our friend Ben Eisendrath took a couple of pix, and here they are below. See you at 9:30 Club!

Buy your tickets online now.

w/ Mock Identity
9:30 Club
Saturday, June 15
Doors @ 10pm
All ages


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