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Snapshots: Kim Petras @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 6/15/19


Kim Petras performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on June 15, 2019. (Photo by Katherine Gaines/ AmbientEye.com)

Hopping onto the stage at The Fillmore Silver Spring, Kim Petras recently proved herself every bit the stylish pop icon we need.

Kim made multiple outfit changes to match the mood of each part of her set on June 15. Changing from white lace to black satin when she played songs off her Halloween EP, Turn Off the Light Vol. 1, prompted elated cheering from the crowd.

Stream Turn Off the Light Vol. 1 by Kim Petras on Spotify:

With new songs coming out seemingly every 10 seconds, Kim is one of the most prolific young songwriters around. Yet fans at The Fillmore knew every word, including words to songs released only days prior to the show. Throughout the performance, Kim came across as energetic, lovely, and extremely talented.

Afterward, Kim showed genuine love for her LGBT+ community by making a guest appearance at an afterparty hosted by Trade. She and her entourage sat on the stage for the entire drag show and cheered like crazy for all the drag performers.

Here are some pictures of Kim Petras performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on June 15, 2019. And some pictures of her at Trade’s afterparty! All photos copyright and courtesy of Katherine Gaines.

kimpetras1 kimpetras2

kimpetras3 kimpetras4

kimpetras5 kimpetras6

kimpetras7 kimpetras8

kimpetras9 kimpetras10

kimpetras11 kimpetras12

kimpetras13 kimpetras14

kimpetras15 kimpetras16

kimpetras18 kimpetras19

kimpetras20 kimpetras21

kimpetras22 kimpetras23


At Trade:

gaybashjune1 gaybashjune2

gaybashjune3 gaybashjune4



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