Preview: Masters of the Telecaster @ Rams Head on Stage, 7/26/19, @ City Winery, 7/27/19

The Masters of the Telecaster perform at City Winery DC on June 30, 2018. (Photo by Ari Strauss)

Known collectively as the Masters of the Telecaster, Jim Weider, Tom Principato, and GE Smith celebrate the Fender Telecaster in two shows in the greater DC area this weekend — at Rams Head on Stage on Friday, July 26, and City Winery DC on Saturday, July 27. Each of the two shows will pay special tribute to a DC-area musician who owed their musical legacy to the Telecaster guitar.

On Friday, the Masters of the Telecaster are joined by Lincoln Schleifer on bass and vocals and Randy Ciarlante on drums and vocals at Rams Head on Stage for a tribute to Roy Buchanan with special guest Taylor Barton. Blues musician Leroy “Roy” Buchanan was a pioneer of the Telecaster sound. He died in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1988.

On Saturday, the trio present a tribute to Danny Gatton at City Winery, where they are supported again by Lincoln and Randy as well as special guest Taylor. At City Winery, the Masters will play tunes from Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, and more! They also will screen a clip of a Danny Gatton documentary titled “Anacostia Delta.” Born in DC, Danny passed away in 1994 after a trailblazing career in which he specialized in his self-coined “redneck jazz.”

Stream Telecaster Live in ’75 by Roy Buchanan on Spotify:

In a review of Masters of the Telecaster at City Winery in 2018, Ari Strauss noted, “The Fender Telecaster, developed by Leo Fender in early 1950s, was the first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar. Its development was important in the evolution of rock and roll, blues, funk, and country music. Its solid construction allowed guitarists play loudly as a lead instrument, with long sustain notes if desired.”

Ari added, “Jim created the Masters of the Telecaster concert series five years ago in New York. It was originally conceived as a one-time event to pay tribute Roy Buchanan, to another DC guitar legend whom Jim considers to be the best Telecaster guitarist ever.”

Buy your tickets online for Masters of the Telecaster at Rams Head on Stage.

Buy your tickets online for Masters of the Telecaster at City Winery DC.

Masters of the Telecaster
“Tribute To Roy Buchanan”
w/ Jim Weider, Tom Principato, and GE Smith
Rams Head Onstage
Friday, July 26
Doors @ 7pm
All ages

Masters of the Telecaster
“Tribute to Danny Gatton”
w/ Jim Weider, Tom Principato, and GE Smith
Screening of “Anacostia Delta,” Danny Gatton documentary film clip
City Winery
Saturday, July 27
Doors @ 6pm
All ages

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