Home Live Review Live Review: Todrick Hall @ Baltimore Soundstage — 11/10/19

Live Review: Todrick Hall @ Baltimore Soundstage — 11/10/19

Live Review: Todrick Hall @ Baltimore Soundstage — 11/10/19

Todrick Hall performs at Baltimore Soundstage on Nov. 10, 2019. (Photo by Katherine Gaines)

Flanked by eight stunning dancers, Todrick Hall (in full drag) brought the production value of the videos he’s known for to Baltimore Soundstage recently.

Todrick appeared in Baltimore on Nov. 10 in a stop on his Haus Party Tour, and house party was an apt name for the show, which was was full of energy. Todrick paused the party briefly for the inspirational speech preceding the slowed down down “Enough,” a “love song to myself.”

Otherwise the dancers kept it going with mixes of popular artists like Rihanna and Cardi B while Todrick changed between his multiple outfits. The diverse crowd ate up every move and during “Dem Beats” there were several wigs flipping around as a response to the lyrics “don’t touch my weave.”

Stream Haus Party, Part 2, by Todrick Hall on Spotify:

The second set saw Todrick sans wig and makeup but no less flamboyant. The set focused more on showcasing his incredible vocal talents. He also took the time to genuinely thank the audience, ask people to follow each individual dancer, endorse a whole squad of LGBT+ artists, and plug his Netflix doc.

A highlight of the night was an epic “Y.A.S.” megamix that included a full on “you ain’t shit” hoedown (did you know Todrick can yodel?) turned “you ain’t shit” nutcracker ballet, “you ain’t shit” Thriller cover (of course, with full choreography,) and the “you ain’t shit” Macarena. It left the crowd in hysterics.

Todrick ended the show with the drag hit “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels,” and he led a singalong that had full audience participation, ages 8-80.

For more Todrick Hall, visit his website!

Here are some photos of Todrick Hall performing at Baltimore Soundstage on Nov. 10, 2019. All photos copyright and courtesy of Katherine Gaines.

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