Home Live Review Snapshots: of Montreal @ 9:30 Club — 3/2/20

Snapshots: of Montreal @ 9:30 Club — 3/2/20

Snapshots: of Montreal @ 9:30 Club — 3/2/20

Kevin Barnes fronts of Montreal at 9:30 Club on March 2, 2020. (Photo by Katherine Gaines)

Of Montreal appeared at 9:30 Club recently for a different kind of show. You see, frontman Kevin Barnes fell in love. And with that, he’s been a bit more carefree, a bit more open, and a bit more himself. That inner self shined brightly at 9:30 Club, and Katherine Gaines captured this glory on film.

Not long ago, Kevin fell head over heels for songwriter Christina Schneider of Locate S,1. One of the results of this love is a recent 10-song electropop collection found in the new album, UR FUN, published via Polyvinyl Records.

The album collected rave reviews, including hitting No. 1 on college charts, because it has all of the wild and surreal vibes that of Montreal is known for while diving into new subjects — among those marriage and anxiety.

Stream UR FUN by of Montreal on Spotify:

On March 2 at 9:30 Club, of Montreal dedicated about a third of the show to the new album, opening the concert with “Peace to All Freaks.” The band included new songs “Polyaneurism” and “20th Century Schizofriendic Revengeoid Man” in the encore. of Montreal also covered “Breed” by Nirvana in the encore!

For more of Montreal, visit the band’s website. 

Here are some pictures of of Montreal performing at 9:30 Club on March 2, 2020. All photos copyright and courtesy of Katherine Gaines.

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