Home Preview Livestream Preview: Michael McDermott @ StageIt, 4/4/20

Livestream Preview: Michael McDermott @ StageIt, 4/4/20

Livestream Preview: Michael McDermott @ StageIt, 4/4/20

Michael McDermott (Photo by Darin Back)

Chicago-based Americana singer-songwriter Michael McDermott livestreams a show with The Westies on StageIt on Saturday, April 4.

If you are a fan of Springsteen, Van Morrison, John Steinbeck, or Patti Smith, Michael’s inspirational rock is in your wheelhouse, waiting late night with a guitar, spare smokes, and stories of the American heart.

Michael will release What in the World, a new solo album, via Pauper Sky Records on June 5. Many may remember Michael from his first hit, “A Wall I Must Climb,” from his 1991 album 620 W. Surf.

“I’m from Chicago, like eight miles from where John Prine grew up, so this is how we do Americana in Chicago, mother——-rs!” Michael declared. “I gave Nashville a little bit of a try, but decided why would I want to be around a bunch of people like me?”

Watch Michael McDermott perform “A Wall I Must Climb” from Live from Lincoln Hall concert film on YouTube:

“Yeah,” Michael said, “that was the gamechanger. Critics were calling me the next Dylan, next Springsteen, I got into Rolling Stone, the New York Times, CNN, all that. And as soon as it came, it was gone. It’s a funny feeling to be 23 or 24 and washed up, you know? It kind of sent me sideways.”

Long back in the saddle, Michael has been releasing music solo and with The Westies in recent years. Check him out for yourself on StageIt.

Reserve your place for the show on StageIT now.

Michael McDermott
Saturday, April 4
Show @ 6pm ET
Pay What You Can
All ages


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