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Song of the Day: “Swim” by Maggie Miles

Song of the Day: “Swim” by Maggie Miles

Maggie Miles (Photo courtesy Big Hassle)

Maggie Miles recently released the single “Swim.” With it, the Virginia native, a favorite of DC’s Pearl Street Warehouse, wrote a tune that builds to a climax before spiraling out of control, commanding the listener’s attention with Maggie at the center of it all, struggling to stay afloat and find the strength to tread amongst the chaos of her own mind.

“We all encounter this question at times,” Maggie said of “Swim.” “You can’t tell if you’re barely above the waves; just doggy paddling, gasping every chance you can. Or if you’re absolutely still, floating on your back, letting the density of your state of mind hold you atop the water. Whatever it is, we’ve all been there. And acknowledging the darkness that can make itself home in the space behind your eyes is key to pushing on. This song helped me understand myself better, and I hope for your sake as the listener, it can do the same.”

Stream “Swim” by Maggie Miles on YouTube:

Though the song’s theme is timeless, it resonates even deeper with the influx of emotions the world is currently experiencing. “Swim” follows her latest single and first co-write in Nashville, “WHATDOISAY?,” a hard-hitting pop-infused track that has been featured on a slew of playlists, everything from New Music Friday – Indie Pop, Fresh Finds and more.

Maggie’s previous single “Shiver” even garnered the attention of Billboard and American Songwriter. Evident of seemingly inherent talent, Maggie’s sound is all her own, standing apart from the rest in a time when bedroom pop is flooding the playlists and airwaves. With over 60K monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s clear that audiences are quickly taking note of her artistry.

Originally from the Western Hills of Northern Virginia, Maggie recently moved to Nashville to pursue music full time. Maggie grew up on the soulful vocals of vintage artists like Stevie Nicks and Ann Wilson but has found ’90s grunge to be a major source of inspiration as of late. She meshes all of her influences together with pounding, anthemic instrumentals to create a sound that’s all her own.

For more Maggie Miles, visit her website.


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