Home Preview Livestream Preview: Wussy @ Facebook Live, 4/10/20

Livestream Preview: Wussy @ Facebook Live, 4/10/20

Livestream Preview: Wussy @ Facebook Live, 4/10/20

Wussy performs at the Black Cat on July 14, 2018. (Photo by Mark Caicedo)

Lisa Walker and Chuck Cleaver of Cincinnati’s Wussy stumblebum (their word, not mine) through their first ever livestream internet show on Friday, April 10, via Facebook Live. 

For those unfamiliar with Wussy, the band’s roots go back to 2001. Chuck had a request to perform solo at an awards ceremony in Cincinnati and (perhaps because he was a bit nervous) asked another Cincinnati musician, Lisa Walker, to sing with him. Cleaver says. “…I had just met her, and we didn’t really know each other all that well, but she said, ‘Hey, I can get up to sing with you if you’re nervous.'”

“So I wrote the lyrics down on a napkin and without really rehearsing, we got up, and she sang along with me and it was received so well and it sounded so good, I’m like, ‘Do you want to do this some more?'”

See Chuck and Lisa perform “I Give You All” for WCPO Lounge Acts on YouTube:

All these years later, they’re still doing it some more. In fact, according to Wussy’s Facebook page, Chuck and Lisa’s “households are isolating as a family unit, so even though we had to forgo touring for a while, we’re still able to play some songs for you!” So do not miss this opportunity to check out the band (half of it, anyway) rock critic Robert Christgau called “the best band in America.”

Visit Wussy’s official website for more music, videos and possible tour dates later in 2020.

Catch Wussy’s show on Facebook.

Facebook Live
Friday, April 10
Show @ 7pm ET
All ages



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