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Song of the Day: “Motivation” by Priest Da Nomad

Song of the Day: “Motivation” by Priest Da Nomad

Priest Da Nomad
Priest Da Nomad (Photo still courtesy ADST Media)

Priest Da Nomad releases his new single and video “Motivation,” from his current album The Manhood Project, which reminds us that human beings all over the world are embracing the concept of caring for one another through everyday acts of kindness, and providing inspiration in so many ways!

“Motivation” is distinctively the sound of Washington DC, but the feel good imagery in the video is worldwide! Priest teams up with soul/jazz vocalist Deborah Bond and legendary MC/singer Kokayi to take us on a sonic journey of complete inspiration! No matter what our challenges are during this time, music is one of those remedies that helps us keep fighting the good fight, and Priest Da Nomad does not disappoint with his new offering!

Watch the official music video for “Motivation” by Priest Da Nomad on YouTube:

The advent and lockdown due to the Covid-19 disease, which has upended so many of our lives, has made human beings all over the world not only pay attention, but really come to grips with so many issues that are harming us as people such as systemic racism, police brutality, climate change, etc. It seems like every week we are experiencing some type of tragic event that has had a negative effect on our psyche and state of being as humans. Priest Da Nomad is here to lift us up.

Visit Bandcamp for more music by Priest Da Nomad!


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