Home Preview Song of the Day: “Better Angels” by Tori Amos

Song of the Day: “Better Angels” by Tori Amos

Song of the Day: “Better Angels” by Tori Amos

Tori Amos (Photo by Desmond Murray)

Tori Amos releases her brand new Christmastide EP, a special collection of four original tracks to celebrate the holiday season with her fans, Dec. 4 on Decca Records. In what has been an incredibly unexpected, turbulent and for many, a very divisive year, Tori wanted to create a safe space for her fans to reflect on the challenges the world has had to face.

Today, she has revealed a new song “Better Angels,” perfectly timed to lift you up and keep you warm during this unusual holiday season.

“With ‘Better Angels,’ I wanted to acknowledge the year we have all been through and know that there is hope,” Tori said. “We can find that hope within ourselves if we continue to focus our collective minds and souls. We are slowly starting to find a clearer path to transform together for the better of all.”

Watch a lyric video for “Better Angels” by Tori Amos on YouTube:

Christmastide is quintessentially Tori, with each track weaving together her thoughtful lyrics, haunting melodies and magical soundscapes. The EP is a celebration of hope and togetherness, featuring her trademark vocals and piano. It also sees the return of her longtime musical collaborators, drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans. The record will be available digitally and on limited edition vinyl with stunning Illustrations by graphic artist Rantz Hoseley along with a special Christmas Card and message from Tori.

Like many other artists, Tori was forced to cancel events including her May book signing tour in support of her New York Times Bestseller RESISTANCE. She wants Christmastide to reflect the gratitude she feels towards her fans, who have shown their unconditional support and understanding. She says, “We will get through these tough times together with strength in unity and hope.”

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