Home Around Town Poll: 2020 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Poll: 2020 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Poll: 2020 Thrushie Awards — Results!

Pie Shop DC (Photo by Aiden Korotkin)

Parklife DC today announces the best in DC concerts with our annual awards program, named for our mascot, DC’s own state bird — the Wood Thrush. Our Thrushie Awards salute bands and venues in line with our mission to review live music concerts.

Congratulations to the 2020 Thrushie Awards winners, several of whom took their top spots from polling ran by Parklife DC over the first half of December.

Without further ado, the winners of the 2020 Thrushie Awards, along with the percentage of the vote they took:

Who is the best local band in DC?

1. Broke Royals, 44.25%
2. Karen Jonas, 16%
3. Lauren Calve, 9%
3. Foreign Air, 9%

Hats off to Broke Royals, who also took No. 1 in our first annual poll! They were displaced last year by Luna Honey, but they have clearly come roaring back, thanks no doubt in part to their pandemic live-streaming series — titled “Alone, Together” — available on the band’s YouTube channel!

It’s no surprise to see the talented and hard-working Karen Jonas take No. 2, particularly as she released a stellar new album of great country tunes this year. And Lauren Calve and Foreign Air, both also popular with our blog, also released new records well worth a listen.

Watch Broke Royals in Alone, Together, Season 2, Episode 8: Hard Year:

What is the best concert venue in DC?

1. Pie Shop, 39.5%
2. The Birchmere, 20%
3. 9:30 Club, 14.5%

Congrats to Pie Shop, which always has been a strong contender on this list in years past, for taking our No. 1 spot this year! Bands often tell us that Pie Shop is a home away from home when they are on the road, so it’s no surprise that the loyalty earned by the small upstairs venue took it to the top.

The Birchmere, which has been open during much of the pandemic and offering a safe socially distanced concert experience, took No. 2 on our list. And the always terrific 9:30 Club clocked in at No. 3 after its first place showing last year.

In years past, we also highlighted the best DC music festival. But the COVID-19 crisis cancelled all local festivals that we would cover in 2020, so we hope to recognize our favorites again next year.

Congrats again to our winners!


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