Home Preview Song of the Day: “Why Only You” by HAERTS

Song of the Day: “Why Only You” by HAERTS

Song of the Day: “Why Only You” by HAERTS

HAERTS - cr - B.Asch
HAERTS (Photo by B.Asch)

German-born, New York-based duo HAERTS (Nini Fabi and Benny Gebert) open up another chapter from their upcoming third album Dream Nation (out May 21st via Anti-Fragile Records).

One could detect the usual comparisons to Fleetwood Mac or First Aid Kid in the fourth song “Why Only You” while making way for additional influences such as Portishead and Lamb.

Said HAERTS: “We went into the studio without setting limits or parameters other than that we wanted to make a record that moves you emotionally and physically. We wanted it to feel like an invitation into the strange and fantastical nighttime world, like the songs they play just before the lights come on, when the party is almost over, and the polish is gone.”

Stream “Why Only You” by HAERTS on YouTube:

The upcoming album Dream Nation is marked by a sense of urgent intensity. Nini and Benny wrote the songs over a period of only about a month and then recorded most of the album with their touring band during a week-long live recording session in New Orleans. They then put the finishing touches on the album in Los Angeles where they collaborated with Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste on the album’s first single “For the Sky”.

Late last year, they returned to add a new chapter to their lifelong creative and romantic partnership with “For the Sky” feat. Ed Droste, alongside the music video which features a gorgeous, pregnant Nini, and directed by their longtime collaborator Julian Klincewicz (Beyoncé, Kanye, Virgil Abloh etc.).

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