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Live Review: Maxo Kream @ Union Stage —4/2/22

Live Review: Maxo Kream @ Union Stage —4/2/22

Maxo Kream accepts a birthday cake from Union Stage on April 2, 2022. (Photo by AJ Waugh)

I think I heard the name Maxo Kream around for at least a year before I ever heard his music, but from the first time I heard “Grannies” in 2017, it connected instantly. I downloaded his Punken project and the Houston storyteller has stayed a constant in my rotation ever since; so I had to be there when I saw Maxo’s Big Persona Tour was making its DC stop recently at Union Stage. 

Opening acts Li Heat, Lul Bob and Peso Peso turned the crowd up before Kream Clicc artist’s D Slim and KCG Josh got the chance to do their thing in preparation for Maxo Kream at Union Stage on April 2. The room fell dark as the intro for “Cripstian” started to play, and the crowd lit the stage up with their phone lights.

Maxo ran out from behind the curtain right as the first verse started, coming out to the edge of the stage to touch the people. As soon as the song ended he took his shirt off and went to work. The set started with several songs from his latest album Weight of the World, such as “Greener Knots,” “They Say,” and “Mama’s Purse” before rolling into “Grannies.”  These are all some off Maxo’s most personal records, detailing different chapters of his life from growing up around drugs and gang life to friends and family talking behind his back as he’s gained success and even stealing from his mom as a kid to buy Jordans. Born Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah Jr., Maxo took time between songs to breakdown the meaning behind each song and everything he’s had to overcome to get where he is now, “I never thought an gangbanger, ex-drug dealer like me could be doing anything like this…”


Through out the night, Maxo rolled through the majority of the new album, fan favorites from his previous projects, and some of his biggest features. Songs like “Drizzy Draco”, “Work,” and “3AM” started up the mosh pit, “The Relays” and “She Live” got the room dancing and even Maxo had to break out his crip walk during “Capeesh”.

KCG Josh came back out to perform their song “Brothers” just before his team brought out a birthday cake Union Stage had given Maxo, whose birthday was earlier in the week. 


The lights went out again as Maxo left the stage and told the crowd to “light it up” from behind the curtains. The beat to “Fetti” dropped and Maxo ran back out as the chorus started and sent the place into a frenzy. He followed that up with the song the tour is named after, “Big Persona”, before ending the night with “Roaches”, the song that really pushed Maxo into the spotlight.

Check out Maxo Kream’s music video for “Roaches” on Youtube:

Maxo thanked everyone for coming out and said he’d do one more song if they met him over at the merch table. The crowd roared as the lights came up and Maxo jumped off stage into the crowd and performing “Beyonce Interlude” as he led his flock to the merch booth.

There’s less than a dozen dates left of the Big Persona Tour, catch up with Maxo and the crew if you can.

Below are some more photos from Maxo Kream’s show at Union Stage on April 2, 2022. All photos copyright and courtesy of AJ Waugh (wauffleznotwaffles.com).


Peso Peso
KCG Josh
D Slim
Lul Bob
Li Heat


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