Home Preview Preview: Sarah Borges @ Pearl Street Warehouse, 6/28/22

Preview: Sarah Borges @ Pearl Street Warehouse, 6/28/22

Preview: Sarah Borges @ Pearl Street Warehouse, 6/28/22

Sarah BorgesSarah Borges (Photo courtesy the artist)

Sarah Borges appears at Pearl Street Warehouse on Tuesday, June 28, performing songs from her recently released album, Together Alone, as well as fan favorites.

For Together Alone, Borges would send along, one by one, her home-recorded guitar and vocal demos — singing into her iPhone and utilizing her clothes closet as a vocal isolation booth — to producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel’s home recording set-up, where he would listen carefully to the rudimentary tracks and then sort out who in his musical Rolodex might play what, when and how; because, keep in mind, recording studios were closed and the players had to be willing and adept at recording remotely their contributed art to the music.

“I think my self-editing tool is always fierce, and it’s what prevents me from being more prolific,” Sarah said. “I feel like I’m always writing in blood, like I have to stick to what I wrote the first time. But when you’re home alone, and it’s a pandemic, and you don’t know if anyone will ever even hear the songs, all bets are off. You can write what you want and feel free to cross it out as many times as you want.”

Watch the official music video for “Wouldn’t Know You” by Sarah Borges featuring Eric “Roscoe” Ambel on YouTube:

One way or another, Sarah Borges connects, with casual mastery — whether it’s with her collaborators over nearly 20 sparkling years of music-making, or through the vivid portraits of people’s lives (occasionally her own) she’s sketched in scores of emotionally resonant songs.

But most of all, Borges has built a loyal following by connecting, through her own charismatic, down-to-earth spirit, with her audience — from longtime fans from back when she released her terrific Silver City debut in 2005, to newcomers just now joining the party.

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Sarah Borges
w/ The Highballers
Pearl Street Warehouse
Tuedsay, June 28
Show @ 7pm
All ages


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