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Live Review: Greer @ DC9 — 6/24/22

Live Review: Greer @ DC9 — 6/24/22
Greer performs at DC9 on June 24, 2022. (Photo by Katie Child)

With every fans’ dream intimacy, Greer recently took the stage at the District’s DC9 — and took the audience into their music’s dreamy indie-rock world. 

The four-piece band from Orange County, California, speaks for so many of today’s teens and young adults. Their music does a beautiful job of immersing listeners through its relatable lyricism, as much of their music delicately translates our generations’ all-too-often felt, yet difficult to describe, emotions.

With a discography full of sing-along tracks, this concert was as lively as imaginable. DC9’s stage level has a capacity of 150 people, and Greer played a sold-out, jam-packed set on June 24. The dedication and devotion felt throughout club radiated from shoulder-to-shoulder through the crowd. The mutual love for the band tied the audience together and created such a welcoming space. Everyone was there to have a good time with each other, and nothing less.

Greer consist of four artists, all right around the age of 21. Corbin on guitar, Josiah tackling vocals, Lucas on drums, and Seth on bass. The band’s name was inspired by Lucas’s late girlfriend, Emma Greer DiBiase, who passed away at 16 years old, from a rare form of cancer. Emma’s strive to continue to comfort those around her, as well as remain positive for those whom she loved, inspired the quartet to name their band in her remembrance. 

After starting from nothing in 2018, Greer has grown and blossomed into the hearts of fans across the globe. With now over 350,000 monthly Spotify listeners, their unguarded lyricism and breezy melodies have taken them from their hometown, Costa Mesa (a city in Southern California) to touring North America, playing 20 shows throughout the continent.

Watch the official music video for “Happy People” by Greer on YouTube:

Greer played a short-but-sweet setlist at DC9. The band has a fairly small discography, but the music that they’ve produced, truly displays the time and effort put into each song they release. It’s astonishing how easily a band can captivate a listener through relatable lyrics, and Greer has done just that. I’m personally more than eager to watch Greer continue to grow, and I definitely recommend being around to watch the journey. Check out their new EP, Happy People, to hear their most recent tracks, and follow the band on Instagram (@greertheband) to stay updated on their continued growth, which I’m sure won’t disappoint.

Here are some photos of Greer performing at DC9 on June 24, 2022. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Katie Child.


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