Home Live Review Live Review: Silverstein w/ Avoid and Stray from the Path @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 11/29/23

Live Review: Silverstein w/ Avoid and Stray from the Path @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 11/29/23

Live Review: Silverstein w/ Avoid and Stray from the Path @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 11/29/23
Silverstein performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Nov. 29, 2023. (Photo by Carol Lowe)

Silverstein’s This is How the Wind Shifts 10th Anniversary Tour recently made a stop at The Fillmore Silver Spring, and the venue was packed with fans of all ages creating an unforgettable night full of energy.

The opening band, Avoid, kicked things off at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Nov. 29 with a high-energy set that had everybody jumping around — and frontman Benny Scholl starting what would be a wave of crowd-surfing throughout the night. I counted at least six people who made it over the barrier into the pit over the course of the show, with three people during their set alone.

Next up was Stray from the Path, who kept pumped up the energy even more with their hardcore sound and brutal lyrics. As fans got more into the set, a circle opened up and those closest to the stage started moshing with heads banging constantly. Anticipation for Silverstein only grew as the energy in the room became palpable.

The crowd’s screams and cheers became deafening as Silverstein took the stage, drowning out even my own heartbeat as it pumped with the kickdrum’s beat. They opened with an electric promise to play every song from This is How the Wind Shifts, along with newer songs and other fan favorites, and they certainly delivered. Throughout their set, fans sang along to each and every song, creating an amazing sense of comradery as even the headbanging became synchronized across the crowd. With the backdrop of a weathervane, the lighting shifted back and forth between reds, oranges, blues, and greens, highlighting the dichotomy of the album as each parallel song was played.

Watch the official music video for “This Is How the Wind Shifts” by Silverstein on YouTube:

As I watched from my spot off to the side on the rail, it was easy to tell why this tour was demanded by fans. The album itself has touched fans and held a special place in their hearts for 10 years, with both old and new fans showing up to experience this album in its entirety. The pulsating rhythm of songs like “In Silent Seas We Drown” and “Kill the Lights” had everyone moving and jumping to the beat while singing along to every word.

As the show ended, the band thanked their fans for their continued support and outpour of love for the album. Singer, Shane Told, took time to meet with fans from the pit, stopping for everyone who wanted a hug or a photo and further proving why fans love the band so much before saying goodnight and heading backstage as fans cleared out of the venue buzzing from an amazing night of music.

Here are some photos of Silverstein performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Nov. 29, 2023. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Carol Lowe.

Silverstein 11.29.23-01
Silverstein 11.29.23-02
Silverstein 11.29.23-03
Silverstein 11.29.23-04
Silverstein 11.29.23-05
Silverstein 11.29.23-06
Silverstein 11.29.23-07
Silverstein 11.29.23-08
Silverstein 11.29.23-09
Silverstein 11.29.23-10
Silverstein 11.29.23-11
Silverstein 11.29.23-12
Silverstein 11.29.23-13
Silverstein 11.29.23-14
Silverstein 11.29.23-15
Silverstein 11.29.23-16
Silverstein 11.29.23-17
Silverstein 11.29.23-18
Silverstein 11.29.23-19
Silverstein 11.29.23-20
Silverstein 11.29.23-21
Silverstein 11.29.23-22
Silverstein 11.29.23-23
Silverstein 11.29.23-24
Silverstein 11.29.23-25


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