Home Live Review Live Review: girl in red @ The Anthem — 4/20/24

Live Review: girl in red @ The Anthem — 4/20/24

Live Review: girl in red @ The Anthem — 4/20/24
girl in red performs at The Anthem on April 20th, 2024. (Photo by Katie Child)

Girl in red does it like no one else. Her dedication to making each of her concerts an intimate experience for everyone in attendance is unmatched. Despite selling out two back-to-back nights recently at The Anthem in Washington, DC, she managed to make the 6,000-person venue feel as intimate as a small club. 

Marie Ringheim, professionally known as girl in red, is 25 years old and just kicked off her third headlining tour on April 16, and it will extend until early October. Having over 16.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, her 22-stop North American tour was quick to accumulate sold-out venues.

On April 20, at The Anthem, DC was only her third stop on her Doing It Again Tour, so we were lucky enough to be one of the first crowds graced by her brand-new setlist. 

Marie’s set was exceptionally designed. She had an extensive screen set up along the back of the stage where she displayed various graphics and video. Hanging from the ceiling was a mushroom top-shaped form that had additional projections on its interior. It was also decked out with lights that reflected off of the inside of the form and down onto the stage, creating a wonderful array of lights. 

Despite a few technical bumps throughout the show, the concert was a joy to witness. Marie was quick to compensate for the delays by singing acoustic songs which hadn’t originally made the setlist, such as “I’ll Call You Mine,” which she played solo on her acoustic guitar while the tech crew was fixing an issue with a piano on stage. Given the crowd’s reaction to the song, I think most people actually wound up appreciating the uncooperative piano.

Watch the official music video for “I’ll Call You Mine” by girl in red on YouTube.

The last few songs in girl in red’s set were the highlight of the night in my opinion. Marie requested that for her last song, the crowd form a mosh pit in the center of the floor to allow everyone to really have fun and enjoy her closing song. From the stage, she directed audience members in forming a circle, but quickly left the stage and joined her fans on the floor where she sang from the center of the pit. She jumped and danced among her fans as the beat dropped in her song, which no doubt created an amazing experience for all those who were near her.

After the main chorus of the song, she crowd-surfed her way back to the stage where she finished the song and bid us farewell. 

Check out girl in red’s most popular tracks here on Spotify.

I already knew that girl in red is one of the best performers I have had the honor of watching, and her show on April 20 only confirmed it. Her love for her art and her fans extends so far, and her obvious love for what she does makes her concert experience even better. If she’s coming to a city near you, I cannot recommend enough that you attend.

girl in red’s setlist

  2. bad idea!
  3. girls 
  4. Too Much
  5. I’ll Call You Mine (Acoustic)
  6. Rue
  7. I’m Back
  8. Pick Me
  9. Ugly Side
  10. October Passed Me By
  11. we fell in love in october
  12. Phantom Pain
  13. You Stupid Bitch
  14. Serotonin
  15. Body and Mind
  16. New Love
  17. Did You Come?
  18. midnight love
  19. A night to remember
  20. You Need Me Now?
  21. i wanna be your girlfriend

Below are a few additional photos of girl in red performing at The Anthem on April 20, 2024. All photos copyright and courtesy of Katie Child.


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