Live Review: Dawn @ Sixth & I — 12/6/18

Dawn 2Dawn performs at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue on Dec 6, 2018. (Photo by Brenda Reyes)

In support of art pop diva Kimbra, Dawn opened the show recently at the Sixth & I Synagogue. This venue was perfect for this special tour, and listening to Dawn in this intimate space made it even better.

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Live Review: Cults @ DC9 — 12/1/18

Cults 9Cults perform at DC9 on Dec 1, 2018. (Photo by Brenda Reyes)

New York duo Cults, consisting of Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, played at DC9 for two nights — and with both nights selling out, the performance made for a packed, exciting show.  Continue reading

Music Park: Tash Sultana @ The Anthem — 11/21/18

Tash Sultana 12
Tash Sultana performs at The Anthem on Nov. 21, 2018. (Photo by Brenda Reyes)

Since last year, when Tash Sultana sold out the 9:30 Club, she has created a huge fanbase in the United States, leading her to play at the The Anthem recently. On the eve before Thanksgiving Day, when many people were heading out of town, I was lucky enough to enjoy an evening with Tash Sultana.

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Music Park: Abir @ U Street Music Hall — 11/11/18

Abir performs at U Street Music Hall on Nov. 11, 2018. (Photo by Brenda Reyes)

Abir performed at U Street Music Hall recently to a hometown crowd. It was a special night for her because many friends and family were in the audience supporting her. I’ve known of Abir since 2015, since she played at Broccoli City in 2015, and I’m so glad she came back to DC.

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Snapshots: Masego @ U Street Music Hall — 10/18/18

Masego 5
Masego performs at U Street Music Hall on Oct. 18, 2018. (Photo by Brenda Reyes)

Masego played two sold-out shows recently at U Street Music Hall, and now you know why you saw massive lines streaming down U Street on Thursday. The Newport News native’s debut album, Lady Lady, was released in early September, and it is a blend of jazz, R&B, and EDM-trap music.

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Music Park: Death Cab For Cutie @ The Anthem — 10/17/18

Death Cab for Cutie ft. Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES - Northern Lights live at The Anthem (Photo by Anna Moneymaker)
Lauren Mayberry performs with Death Cab for Cutie at The Anthem on Oct. 17, 2018. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker; video by Jordan Grobe)

It was a night filled with nostalgia for many people in the audience, as Death Cab for Cutie played The Anthem recently to a packed crowd.

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Music Park: Kali Uchis @ 9:30 Club — 10/9/18

Kali Uchis performs at 9:30 Club on Oct. 9, 2018. (Photo by Brenda Reyes)

Kali Uchis played two nights at the 9:30 Club this week. Originally from Northern Virginia, Kali moved to LA after high school to pursue her career. She mentioned to the crowd that her first concert ever attended was at the 9:30 Club. So, her journey in the music came full circle this week as she sold out the club on Tuesday night.

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