Sports Park: Capitals Fortnightly Report Card — 11/9-11/22/15

Washington Capitals Report Card


Fortnightly Record: 3-3 (7 pts)
Overall: 13-5-1 (27 pts)

The Capitals have got into the habit of losing one, winning one. All of their losses the last couple weeks have been by a single goal, so at least they’re competitive.

They are still in second place, five points behind the Rangers.

After a 4-game drought, Alex Ovechkin scored a goal in each of the last two games to up his total to 10 goals. He’s played in three fewer games than the league leader, Jamie Benn (14), so plenty of opportunity to catch up.

Braden Holtby continues to play extremely well, racking up a league leading 11 wins in only 896:15 total minutes on the ice.

Next up the Capitals finish off their 5-game homestand with three games at Verizon Center this week!

So check them out tonight (11/23), Wednesday (11/25) and Friday (11/27).



November 10, 2015: Capitals at Red Wings – Loss (0-1)

November 12, 2015: Capitals at Flyers – Win (5-2)

November 13, 2015: Flames at Capitals – Loss (2-3 OT)

November 18, 2015: Capitals at Red Wings – Win (2-1 OT)

November 19, 2015: Stars at Capitals – Loss (2-3)

November 21, 2015: Avalanche at Capitals – Win (7-3)


November 9-November 22 Fortnightly Report Card: C+


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Sports Park: Capitals Fortnightly Report Card — 10/26-11/8/15

Washington Capitals Report Card

Fortnightly Record: 4-2 (8 pts)
Overall: 10-3 (20 pts)

The Capitals are still playing well after one full month of NHL hockey. After the thrilling last second goal by Nicklas Backstrom to tie the game against Toronto, and the subsequent win in the shoot-out, a glow of optimism pervades DC.

They sit in second place, only two points behind the also red-hot New York Rangers. In fact, the Capitals last loss came to the Rangers on the road. Granted, they have played more home games so far (8), but they have found ways to win both on the road and at home.

Alex Ovechkin is 7th in goals scored so far, but hasn’t played quite to his full potential yet as the best player in hockey, but when he does, look out.

The Capitals play three of their next four games on the road, including two in Detroit. Next up is Tuesday, November 10, against those same Red Wings.



October 28, 2015: Pittsburgh at Capitals – Loss (1-3)

October 30, 2015: Columbus at Capitals – Win (2-1)

October 31, 2015: Capitals at Panthers – Win (2-1 OT)

November 3, 2015: Capitals at Rangers – Loss (2-5)

November 5, 2015: Bruins at Capitals – Win (4-1)

November 7, 2015: Maple Leafs at Capitals – Win (3-2 SO)


October 26-November 8 Fortnightly Report Card: B


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Sports Park: Capitals Fortnightly Report Card — 10/10-10/25/15

Washington Capitals Report Card

Fortnightly Record: 6-1 (12 pts)
Overall: 6-1 (12 pts)

And we’re off! The 2015-16 NHL season is underway, and the Capitals have started quickly out of the gate.

Save for one bad game, the Caps have been impressive in their six victories so far, outscoring their opponents 29-13.

Alex Ovechkin has made a strong statement, scoring 5 goals, with 4 assists, already. Well on pace to reach the 50 goal plateau once again.

Evgeny Kuznetsoz (8 assists) and Nicklas Backstrom (4 goals) have also made huge offensive contributions.

The defense has also been solid, and Bradon Holtby (5 wins, 2.03 Goals Against) is looking like an elite goaltender once again.

This season should be fun.

We do need to get rid of the bad taste of last year’s ridiculous playoff collapse to the Rangers! (Things are looking up for DC sports overall: DC United made the playoffs and the Washington Football Team put together a last-ditch comeback to save their season. For now.)

(Note: Last season we did a Weekly Report Card. Depending on interest, we may consider that format again after the holidays.)



October 10, 2015: Devils at Capitals – Win (5-3)

October 13, 2015: Sharks at Capitals – Loss (0-5)

October 15, 2015: Blackhawks at Capitals – Win (4-1)

October 17, 2015: Hurricanes at Capitals – Win (4-1)

October 20, 2015: Capitals at Flames – Win (6-2)

October 22, 2015: Capitals at Canucks – Win (3-2)

October 23, 2015: Capitals at Oilers – Win (7-4)


October 10-October 25 Fortnightly Report Card: A

Sports Park: Capitals Regular Season Report Card and Playoff Preview

Caps Report Card

Weekly Record: 1-1 (2 pts)
Final Regular Season Record: 45-26-11 (101 pts)
Clinched #2 seed in Metropolitan Division

2015 Regular Season Report Card: B

As Major League Baseball finishes its first full week, the Capitals gear up for their first round playoff match-up against the #3 New York Islanders. Yes, we still have some hockey left. Game time is 7:00pm this Wednesday, April 15. Let’s do this!

The Capitals and Islanders split the regular season series 2-2. However the Caps did get 6 points to the Islanders 4, because both their losses were in OT.

After missing the playoffs last year, the Capitals last played the Islanders in the playoffs in 1992-93, which they lost. Not much playoff history between these two teams.

The Caps finished the season strong, going 9-5-1 in their last 15, and hope to keep the momentum alive into what will likely turn into a 6 or 7 game battle with the Islanders.

Alex Ovechkin led the NHL with 52 goals. He is also now the Caps career leader in goals scored. Brandon Holtby (41-20-10) was one of the elite goalies this season, a large reason why the Caps managed to qualify for the playoffs.

Let’s go Caps!


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Sports Park: Capitals Weekly Report Card — 3/30-4/5/15

Caps Report Card

Weekly Record: 3-1 (7 pts)

Overall: 44-25-11 (99 pts)
Clinched playoff berth!

The Caps are in the playoffs! The Caps are in the playoffs!

In other news, Alex Ovechkin scored his 50th goal. This marks the sixth time in his career he has reached this milestone. And he’s only the sixth player in NHL history to do this. Not bad.

Then, on Thursday, he scored two more goals to become the Capitals all-time franchise leader in goals scored with 472. Pretty good.

During the week the Capitals moved into 2nd place in the Metropolitan division for a brief drop of the puck. It didn’t last as the Caps fell to the pesky Senators, who would not bow out of the playoff race gracefully, in a shoot-out. The Caps made a furious three goal really to send the game into overtime and get a point for their efforts. Nice.

Now after beating the Red Wings 2-1 on Sunday, they move back into 2nd place and clinched a playoff spot. Excellent.

Two games left to decide who they play in the 1st round.

Today you can celebrate by enjoying the Washington Nationals’ Opening Day.



March 31, 2015: Hurricanes at Capitals – WIN (4-2)

April 2, 2015: Capitals at Canadiens – WIN (5-4 SO)

April 4, 2015: Capitals at Senators – LOSS (3-4 SO)

April 5, 2015: Capitals at Red Wings – WIN (2-1)


March 30-April 5 Weekly Report Card: A

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Sports Park: Capitals Weekly Report Card — 3/23-3/29/15

Caps Report Card

Weekly Record: 2-1 (4 pts)

Overall: 41-25-10 (92 pts)
+6 pt advantage for playoff spot

The Capitals needed that overtime win against the Devils last Thursday. After conceding a heartbreaking goal that tied the game with 30 seconds remaining, the Caps got a quick OT goal and salvaged the two points.

After a huge letdown against Nashville at home on Saturday, the Capitals went into New York and skated away with a 5-2 victory over the 1st place Rangers. Alex Ovechkin scored two more goals to increase his lead over 2nd place by nine goals (49).

Thankfully the Ottawa Senators turned cold this past week, losing 3 straight, largely due to an injury to their goalie. The Caps have some breathing room in the playoff hunt.

Only six games remain. Let’s go Caps!



March 26, 2015: Devils at Capitals – WIN (3-2 OT)

March 28, 2015: Predators at Capitals – LOSS (3-4)

March 29, 2015: Capitals at Rangers – WIN (5-2)


March 23-March 29 Weekly Report Card: B


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Sports Park: Capitals Weekly Report Card — 3/16-3/22/15

Caps Report Card

Weekly Record: 2-1 (4 pts)

Overall: 39-24-10 (88 pts)
+5 pt advantage for playoff spot


The Capitals found what they were looking for in Buffalo and Minneapolis, taking two hard-fought points in each city.

Then they crossed over into Canada, and couldn’t get anything done against the playoff charging Jets.

Fine. It was the third road game in six days and Winnipeg looks like they’re hot at the right time, winning 4-games in a row.

The points lead for a playoff berth is quickly dwindling, however. Ottawa is playing out of this world, on a 6-game winning streak, behind their goalie’s, Andrew Hammond (13-0-1 in his first 14 NHL starts), ridiculous start to his career.

No time to get complacent. Both Boston and Ottawa are right behind the Caps.

There is a strange gap in the schedule, and the Caps don’t play again until next Thursday, March 26 at home against New Jersey.



March 16, 2015: Capitals at Sabres – WIN (4-3 SO)

March 19, 2015: Capitals at Wild – WIN (3-2)

March 21, 2015: Capitals at Jets – LOSS (0-3)


March 16-March 22 Weekly Report Card: B-


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Sports Park: Capitals Weekly Report Card — 3/9-3/15/15

Caps Report Card

Weekly Record: 1-2 (2 pts)

Overall: 37-23-10 (84 pts)
+7 pt advantage for playoff spot

The Capitals capped off their 5-game home stand with a 2-0 shutout of Boston. About time they did something at home. They finished with only two wins in those five games.

The road to the playoffs is not getting any easier.

Alex Ovechkin scored another goal (45), and continues to lead the league with a six goal advantage over Rick Nash of the Rangers.

This week the Caps have three road games. They need to get some points.



March 11, 2015: Rangers at Capitals – LOSS (1-3)

March 13, 2015: Stars at Capitals – LOSS (2-4)

March 15, 2015: Bruins at Capitals – WIN (2-0)


March 9-March 15 Weekly Report Card: D+


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Sports Park: Capitals Weekly Report Card — 3/2-3/8/15

Caps Report Card

Weekly Record: 2-1 (4 pts)

Overall: 36-21-10 (82 pts)
+10 pt advantage for playoff spot

The Capitals have 15 games left and a healthy lead for a playoff berth. But they continue to play at a mediocre level.

Until Saturday night when they exploded for six goals, including another for Alex Ovechkin (44). Granted it was against the lowly Sabres, but any win at this point in the season is key.

Will they be good enough to win a playoff series? Let’s get there first.



March 2, 2015: Capitals at Blue Jackets – WIN (5-3)

March 5, 2015: Wild at Capitals – LOSS (1-2)

March 7, 2015: Sabres at Capitals – WIN (6-1)


March 2-March 8 Weekly Report Card: B

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Sports Park: Capitals Weekly Report Card – 2/23-3/1/15

Caps Report Card

Weekly Record: 1-2 (2 pts)

Overall: 34-20-10 (78 pts)
+9 pt advantage for playoff spot

Nooooo! The Caps headed into last Sunday’s game on a 3-game losing streak. After a 4-game winning streak, this is the worst time to lose their cool.

But in fine form on Sunday, the Caps raked the Maple Leafs, 4-0, to get back on track.

Alex Ovechkin had two more goals, and continues to lead the league (41).

This week the Caps play a couple bad teams, including Buffalo, so it’s the perfect time to start another winning streak.



February 25, 2015: Penguins at Capitals – LOSS (3-4)

February 27, 2015: Capitals at Hurricanes – LOSS (0-3)

March 1, 2015: Maple Leafs at Capitals – WIN (4-0)


Feb. 23-Mar. 1 Weekly Report Card: C-


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