Music Park: Lindi Ortega @ Union Stage — 4/24/18

Lindi Ortega @ Union Stage, Washington DC, 04/24/2018Lindi Ortega performs at Union Stage on April 24, 2018. (Photo by Paivi Salonen)

When you hear an artist live for the first time, there’s always a question of how they will sound compared to a studio recording. Some artists can only hit high or low notes in the controlled atmosphere of the studio. With some performers, the experience and spectacle of their live act is the point, and whether they are as “good” as they are in the studio is simply not the point. Some musicians seem to sound even better live than they do recorded.

Despite suffering from sleep-deprivation, Lindi Ortega sang, to use a cliché, with the voice of angel at her show Tuesday at DC’s Union Stage.

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Don’t Miss: Lindi Ortega @ Union Stage, 4/24/18

Lindi Ortega
Lindi Ortega (Photo by Kate Nutt)

Lindi Ortega released Liberty, her fifth full-length album, in March via Shadowbox Music. The Canadian country singer is touring with a headline performance at Union Stage on Tuesday, April 24.

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