Music Park: Anna & Elizabeth @ Pearl Street Warehouse — 4/15/18

Anna & Elizabeth (Photo by Lisa Elmaleh)

Living in Washington, we can become numb to the myriad of entertainment and cultural opportunities available to us. It is easy to forget that we live in a word-class city with possibilities unmatched for its size. Without the institutions in our amazing city, without the Library of Congress’s musical archives, without Smithsonian Folkways, it wouldn’t be possible for Anna & Elizabeth to enthrall a hushed, rapt crowd with their music.

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Don’t Miss: Anna & Elizabeth @ Pearl Street Warehouse, 4/15/18

Anna & Elizabeth (Photo by John Cohen)

Folk duo Anna & Elizabeth released The Invisible Comes to Us via Smithsonian Folkways on March 30, and the two are on tour with a stop at Pearl Street Warehouse on Sunday, April 15.

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